“Happy Campus” Activities held by the Guidance Committee

“Happy Campus” Activities held by the Guidance Committee

During the raging epidemic, our students had to take online classes for months, alienating interpersonal relationships and making the “school life” monotonous. May 3 was our long-awaited school resumption day with face-to-face lessons. The Guidance Committee hopes to make the campus more lively and the atmosphere more supportive. To achieve this aim, a five-day event “Song Dedication” was held. Each Class chairperson selected a positive, encouraging song to cheer their schoolmates and teachers up! The songs were played in recesses, creating a happier and more relaxing school life!

In addition, the committee also aims to enhance the cohesion of all forms by holding inter-class activities and competitions. Students could challenge themselves in those simple mini games, leaving them unforgettable memories. In all these activities, students were serious and devoted. In recesses, they practised together, challenging themselves and encouraging each other as they strived to achieve the best results for their classes. In addition to awards for individuals, there were also awards for the best cheering classes, so all the classes showed their enthusiasm and cheered for the class representatives.

Through the school activities and inter-class competitions, the committee hopes to create a positive atmosphere so that students are happy to learn, dare to challenge, and cherish the time they spend with their classmates, making their school life memorable and enjoyable.

快樂校園 中一:抽筋擒拿手 F.1 Activity

20220606 快樂校園 中一:抽筋擒拿手

快樂校園 中二:手震腳震 F.2 Activity

20220610 快樂校園 中二:手震腳震

快樂校園 中三:中三好合「拍」F.3 Activity

20220609 快樂校園 中三:中三好合「拍」

快樂校園 中四 中五:文字小反 F.4 and F.5 Activity

20220601 快樂校園 中四 中五:文字小反