Highlights of the Month (October 2022)

Highlights of the Month (October 2022)

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20221026 “Zentangle” Art Workshop

We hope our students can take up an interest or find their ways for relaxation and mental health. In the art workshop, students can explore and learn an intriguing art form “Zentangle”. While concentrating on drawing, they can feel calm and relaxed.

20221026 A Visit to HKU by F.6 Students

Students are encouraged to explore different possibilities about their further studies and future careers by our school Careers Committee. This time, F6 students visit HKU campus, where they can feel the academic atmosphere, know more about the entrance requirements and learn more about the university school life.

20221020 F1 Benediction Ceremony

Entering the secondary school is an important stage for all F1 students. To celebrate this special stage, the Benediction Ceremony is held. They feel blessed and more powerful to take up their new role with the support from the family, school and church.

20221020 Engineer from CLP to deliver an interactive talk in Science and Astronomy Club

It is our honour to have the engineer from CLP came to our school to share the reduced carbon lifestyle and the daily routine of an engineer of CLP. Members were benefited from the sharing. The active participation and smile of members fill the laboratory with delighted atmosphere.

20221019 Sharing by Alumnus

Our alumnus Cindy Hui shares her school life studying business-related courses in university. She also shares with us how she has developed interest in this field since secondary school as she joined some related competitions. Taking this opportunity, she encourages the schoolmates to take initiative in learning and joining competitions so as to explore their interest and widen their horizons.

20221017 Weekly Assembly: Smart Teen Program

In the assembly, students who joined the Smart Teen Program share their experience and feelings with other students. Many students show interest in this program, which will be held again this year.
In this program, students can experience the life of firefighters. In addition, their self-discipline, self-confidence, team spirit and resilience can be enhanced.

20221017 School Visit by Principals from Hong Kong Council for Educational Administration

About 20 principals of secondary schools, primary schools and kindergartens from the Hong Kong Institute of Educational Administration visit our school for professional exchanges. Our Principal introduces our school features, curriculum planning and the theories behind. She also leads the principals to our new facilities, such as Student Activity Room and English Room, making an impression on them.


20221014 PTA Inauguration

In the PTA Inauguration, we’re delighted to see a group of enthusiastic parents who are devoted to the students’ and school development.
Following the inauguration is the time for parents to meet the form teacher and assistant class teacher. The meeting helps both parties to understand students better in terms of learning and personal growth.

20221014 Ms Wong’s Sharing on Life Lesson

Ms Wong shares with us her experience in facing farewells and deaths. Although it is saddening, it is inevitable! She shares her feelings and most important of all, she realizes that God is with us wherever we’re!

20221014 F1 Reading Aloud Competition

The Chinese Panel tries various means to arouse students’ interest in the language. In this competition, F.1 students can present a text effectively by reading aloud. All students and teachers enjoy the performances. Principal Cheung is here to encourage students to be active and remind them of the importance of enhancing their language proficiency. She also takes this chance to present prizes to the winners.

20221014 F.6 Parent JUPAS talk

The parents of F.6 students join a talk on their children’s future concerning different possible paths of further studies. Our school Careers Mistress Ms Fan and the guest from Hok Yau Club give parents some practical information and answer parents’ queries.

20221013 Encouragement to F6 students

Facing DSE is an important, yet challenging stage for all F6 students. They may feel stressed and uncertain about the coming public exam. Yet, what they’re certain is that all the teachers show support to them. In our school tradition, Vice Principals visit F6 students to send them words of encouragement.

20221013 Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee meets students from different forms regularly to encourage them to work together for an ideal learning atmosphere. Students are reminded of their responsibility, their strengths and weaknesses in self-discipline, courtesy, diligence, etc.

20221011 Our Teachers’ Sharing about their Art Creation in Morning Assembly

We’re all excited that the Fountain Tree Language and Art Journal, an online platform for students and teachers to display their works in language and art, has been set up. In the morning assembly, our teachers Mr Au, Ms Ng and our social worker Michael share with us their journey of art creation. We’d like to see how language, art, the gifts of God blend into our everyday life through this Journal.
To visit the Journal, please visit the link below:

20221010 Talk by Hok Yau Club

As the interviews for university entrance have become more common, our Careers Committee has invited Hok Yau Club to share with students the skills for university interviews. We hope students can perform well, making best use of interview opportunities.

20221007 Talk on - The Journey of Hong Kong Literature

We’re glad to have invited Ms Yip to share with us the topic “The Journey of Hong Kong Literature”. Students can understand how literature has developed in their own city and can feel that literature can be so close to them. We hope students’ interest in Chinese Language can be aroused through different activities outside classrooms.

20221006 Mr So’s Sharing in Morning Assembly

Our school has been supported by Methodist Church to nurture students’ spiritual development. In the morning assembly, Mr So from Sha Tin Methodist Church shares with us the beautiful world created by God. He also leads us to sing hymns to worship God.

20221005 Debriefing of COA

COA stands for Cambridge Occupational Analysts. Introduced by our Careers Committee, our students take the COA test to understand themselves better for future studies and future careers. Careers Committee Mistress Ms Fan is here to answer students’ queries about their life planning.

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