Highlights of the Month (February 2023)

Highlights of the Month (February 2023)

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20230225 Board Game Experience Day by Community Youth Club

Our school cooperates with the Community Youth Club to hold Board Game Experience Day for primary school students. We hope the students can enjoy playing board games while developing communicative, collaborative and thinking skills.

20230223 F6 Photo-taking

Time flies. It’s the very last morning assembly for all F6 students. Taking this precious opportunity, F6 students and their teachers take some photos together. All the beautiful memories throughout the six school years, of course, can’t be concluded in these few photos, but they are stored in everyone’s heart forever.

20230222 Farewell to F6 students

In the ceremony to farewell F6 students, Principal Cheung, Vice Principals and teachers sing hymns and send blessings to F6 students. F6 leaders from different teams, such as the Prefect Team, Big Brothers and Sisters, and Fellowship transmit candle light to F5 leaders, signifying the passing on of the spirit of “Servant leaders”, serving the school and schoolmates humbly.

20230221 Sharing on “Dreams Come True” by Wilson Pang

We’re honoured to have invited magician and balloon artist Wilson Pang to share about his journey in chase of dreams. He has demonstrated to us the importance of enthusiasm about life and interest, as well as perseverance and flexibility in chasing his dream. Our students have found his sharing inspirational.

20230214, 20230222 Farewell to Uncle Him

Our dearest Uncle Him, a janitor who has worked at STMC for over 2 decades, is going to retire. His efforts and passion for his work are respectable. Although it’s hard for us to say goodbye to him, we wish him all the best in his retirement life.

20230213-16 Fair Trade Campus Sale

Through the Fair Trade Campus Sale, students studying BAFS and Economics can put their knowledge into practice. Meanwhile, our schoolmates can also be more aware of their roles as responsible consumers, and the importance of fair trade which aims to help the producers in developing countries to achieve sustainable trade relationships.

20230210 F2 Chinese Individual Presentation Contest

The Chinese Panel has created a platform for F2 students to speak publicly. In their individual presentations, they share their views and feelings on various issues confidently in front of their schoolmates, teachers and Principal Cheung.

20230206 Science Talk by Dr Babak

In the talk, Dr Babak from the Department of Chemistry of the City University shares with senior-form students some interesting topics in science and the future prospect of studying science at university. The students are inspired to consider different possible paths for further studies and future careers.

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