Highlights of the Month (March 2023)

Highlights of the Month (March 2023)

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20230329 F5 Debate Contest

To promote English public speaking, the English Panel has provided students with various platforms. One highlighted event is F5 Debate Contest, where students can work in teams to do research and give presentations.

20230328 Careers and Life planning & CII Talk

Knowing the importance of careers and life planning, our school Careers Committee has been organizing a wide range of activities to engage students in their own planning. In this talk, our Careers Committee Mistress Ms Fan interacts with the senior form students, understanding their needs and giving them guidance. She also guides them to make use of CII test so that they can have a better understanding of themselves, thinking more about the JUPAS selection and preparing better for their future.

20230325 Sha Tin District CYC Inter-school Board Game Competition

After the Board Games Experience Day, here comes the contest co-organized by CYC and our school. We’re glad that the primary school students show passion for board games and enjoy the contest.

20230324 Visit to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

The visit to HKUST is an activity organized by the Life-wide Learning Committee and Careers Committee. In addition to finding out more about different programmes through the visit, students can also learn more about the application of technology in daily life visiting the Robotics Institute.

20230324 TWA (Tung Wah College) Admission Talk

We’re pleased to have invited Tung Wah College to introduce their popular disciplines and admission requirements to our senior form students, exposing them to more further studies choices.

20230324 F3 Prospect Talk

Some elective subjects in senior forms may seem unfamiliar to F3 students, which may hinder their subject selection. Therefore, some elective subject teachers are here to give students more information about their subjects and answer students’ queries.

20230322 Careers Talk by City University

The senior students value the opportunity to visit the City University of Hong Kong with our Careers Committee Mistress Ms Fan and Principal Cheung. They are exposed to different disciplines including Humanities, Social Science and Science, which enables them to plan more for future studies.

20230321 Careers Talk Sharing by Alumnus

We are pleased to have our alumnus Cheung Man Hei to share with students the latest information about university programmes including some interdisciplinary programmes and related career prospects.

20230320 F3 Prospect Talk by Careers Committee

Knowing the importance of F3 students’ subject selections for senior forms, the Careers Committee has invited Hok Yau Club to hold a talk. F3 students are guided to understand the relationship between certain subjects and the related career choices. They are inspired to plan in advance not only for their future studies, but also for their career prospects!

20230317 PTH Week

To kick off Putonghua Week, Ms Chan and some students do a sharing in Putonghua and promote the upcoming activities. Through these activities, students are encouraged to practise the language in daily life.

20230315 59th Schools Dance Festival

Students are provided with ample opportunities to take part in extra-curricular activities to enrich their life. Our Dance Society is a popular club and it’s our tradition to join the Schools Dance Festival every year.

20230312 School Visit to Trapped Experience Center Organized by Society for Community Organization

Arranged by our school’s Life-wide Learning Committee, seven F4 and F5 students attended the opening ceremony of “Trapped Experience Centre” of the Society for Community Organization, SoCO on 12th March. Taking this opportunity, they visited three sub-divided flats in the centre, which has deepened their understanding of the life of the grassroots. They have also learnt to show care to the needy and be grateful for their abundant life. We hope that students can broaden their horizons and become more knowledgeable, independent young people through life-wide learning activities.
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20230306-10 Global Culture Week

We are delighted that the Global Culture Week organized by the English Panel has been held successfully. While promoting English, we also encourage students to be aware of their role of global citizens, showing more concern to different issues in the world and learning to become responsible to contribute to the world.

In the Global Culture Week, we have a wide range of activities, including games booths and an art exhibition about different cultures, a forum on tertiary education, students’ speeches, presentations and a professional dancer performance.

For the success of this week, we must thank the active participation of students. We must also thank the English Ambassadors, who are eager to promote the English learning environment, for their engagement.

20230301 First Term Prize Presentation Ceremony

A prize-presentation ceremony is held to give praise to students excelling in the academic aspect. Meanwhile, other students are motivated by these role models.

202303 Meet My Goals Mentorship Program by JA HK

Junior Achievement Hong Kong (JA HK) has provided a valuable opportunity for our students to join a mentorship program in which our students can develop their personal and careers plans based on their aspiration and interest with the guidance of their mentors who are business volunteers. Through this program, these students can understand themselves and the business world more, enabling them to set realistic goals.

20230313 F3 NSS Subject Selection Talk

We understand the importance for F3 students to make a right choice for their senior form studies. Therefore, a talk is held for them to raise queries and understand different subject choices.

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