Highlights of the Month (May 2023)

Highlights of the Month (May 2023)

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20230530 English Broadcast about Chemistry

Our English Ambassadors make use of different platforms to create an English learning environment for the school. In this broadcast hosted by them, our Chemistry teacher Mr Lau is invited to share with us some interesting facts about Chemistry. Students can gain Chemistry knowledge beyond textbooks in an interesting way.

20230529 Morning Assembly: Prize presentation

In this morning assembly, a list of prizes in Maths, Geography and STEM are presented. We hope students’ achievements can be appreciated, creating a positive learning atmosphere.

20230524 Outstanding Prefects Awards

The Prefect Team has contributed a lot to shaping their schoolmates’ behaviours and building up the school’s learning environment. At the end of this school year, some prefects share their feelings and experiences. Principal Cheung and Discipline Master Mr Yeung also take this opportunity to present Outstanding Prefects Awards, show appreciation to the team, and encourage them to strive for the best.

20230523 Morning Assembly Prize Presentation

Our students are encouraged to excel not only in academics, but also in sports. In the prize presentation, the awards of various sports events including rope skipping and shuttlecock events are presented. Also, AS Watson Group Hong Kong Student Sports Award is presented. Both teachers and students are glad to share the joy of the awardees.

20230519 Thanksgiving Ceremony of the Big Brothers and Sisters Scheme

All the F.1 students have been given so much help, support and love from the higher-form students throughout their freshmen year. Here comes the Thanksgiving Ceremony, in which F1 students speak out their feelings and express their gratitude to their big brothers and sisters.

20230518 Morning Assembly: Prize Presentation

Congratulations to all the winners in a range of competitions related to the Chinese Language! We’re proud of their achievements in Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (Chinese and Putonghua Speaking) and numerous writing contests! They serve as role models for all students!

20230515 Swimming Gala

Finally, we can have our school’s swimming gala, which was cancelled for some years during the pandemic. While the athletes can enjoy the swimming races, non-athletes engage in cheerleading and act as helpers! In the closing ceremony, we are honoured to have Mr Tsang Cheung Sing Nicolas, a triathlete representing Hong Kong, to share with us the significance of sportsmanship and his unique experiences in the event.

20230513 HKMO Prize Presentation Ceremony

Congratulations to our students who are awarded with Honour Certificates in Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad. We are pleased to see students’ academic achievements and appreciate their efforts made in the contest.

20230510 Morning Assembly: Chinese Literature Canto Pop Songs

The morning assemblies have provided a platform for students to express their views on different topics. This time, students are here to express their passion for Chinese Literature. To make the ideas easier to understand, they make some comparison between Chinese Literature works and Canto pop song lyrics. We’re pleased that students can explore language arts in daily life.

20230509-10 Seven-Wellness Days

Seven-wellness comprises “Eat well, sleep well, play well, exercise well, work well, mind well, love well”. To encourage students to develop a balanced lifestyle and a positive life attitude, “Seven wellness” is promoted by Guidance Committee. On Seven-Wellness Days, students gain a deeper understanding of Seven-wellness concepts through handicrafts and games. We hope they can put these concepts into practice, making their life more enjoyable and fruitful.

20230508 Lunch Forum: Sustainable Development Goals

To raise awareness of students’ role as global citizens, students are encouraged to explore issues related to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. In the lunch forum, speakers share with us the topic on “Recycling of domestic waste and plastic degradation in Hong Kong”, which demonstrates how sustainable development can be practised in Hong Kong. Our students are eager to learn more, so they take the opportunity to interact with the speakers after the talk.

20230508 F.3 Inter-Class Competition: Culture Tourism Project Presentation

Since the beginning of this academic year, F3 students have been working in groups on the Inter-disciplinary Culture Tourism Project, which involves different subjects including Chinese, Chinese History, History, Computer and English. We hope F3 students not only can make use of subject knowledge, but also explore our community. After a year of effort, research and cooperation, here comes the final part—Inter-class Presentation Competition in the weekly assembly for all junior-form students. F3 students find this project fruitful while other junior form students can also learn from the former.

20230504 Morning Assembly Ms Lee Lai Ping

Thank Ms Lee for her touching sharing about how she has gone through ups and downs with God in life. During some hard time, she denied God, but that’s how she has learnt even more about God’s love and His importance in her life. After her sharing, it comes to the prize presentation, in which students’ achievement in a BAFS project is praised. In the project, our students have creative ideas on how companies can adopt technological innovation for achieving social sustainability in order to meet business objectives. They obtained “Judges Commendation Award” in Technology Innovation for Achieving Social Sustainability Campaign Business Excellence Contest (Secondary Group).

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