Care for the needy and showing concern to our city

To enhance students’ learning experiences, F.4 students were given the opportunity to participate in a range of meaningful life-wide learning activities centered around the theme of ‘Care and Concern’ throughout the academic year. In October 2023, students attended the ‘Press to shock – Save a life’ CPR & AED Course offered by the Fire Services Department. This course has equipped students with essential knowledge and skills in applying first-aid protocols to save lives during emergencies.

In April 2024, there was another learning activity in which students visited Chungking Mansions in Tsim Sha Tsui. This visit, which was led by the social enterprise WEglobal, offered students a unique multicultural experience. Through this enlightening visit, students have gained a deeper understanding of various cultures and developed a greater appreciation for the importance of respecting the diverse ethnic groups residing in Hong Kong.

These two activities received media attention and were featured in a TV program aired on HOYTV and TVB. We are excited and pleased to share these experiences, showcasing our students’ learning outcomes and promoting the message of ‘Caring for the needy and showing concern to our city’ to a wider audience.