Highlights of the Month (May 2024)

Highlights of the Month (May 2024)

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20240517 Thanking-giving Ceremony for “Big Brothers and Sisters Scheme”

Under the “Big Brothers and Sisters Scheme”, F1 students are taken care of by higher-form students so that they can get adapted to the new stage of school life. At the end of this year, here comes the Thanks-giving Ceremony, providing a chance for F1 students to recall their sweet memories together and show heartfelt gratitude to their “big bros and sisters”. Big Bro and Sisters’ caring heart and F1 students’ grateful heart are contagious, building a loving and harmonious atmosphere at STMC.

20250516 Ms Chu’s Religious Sharing in Morning Assembly

Day 2 morning assemblies are arranged for religious purposes. This time, Ms Chu shares with us her relationship and childhood memory with parents, showing their mutual love for each other. That’s why she keeps spreading the gospel to them, extending God’s love to her family.

20240516 F5 Self Account Workshop

For Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) application, students are required to write their self-accounts. Therefore, a training workshop on writing skills is organized for them.

20240510 Morning Assembly on Prize Presentation

Students are encouraged not only to excel in academics, but also to explore their interests and talents in various aspects. In the morning assembly, students’ awards in Maths and sports competitions outside school are presented, praising their effort and setting examples for other students.

20240509 Cyclic Assembly: What do you like?

“What do you like?” seems to be a simple question, but indeed triggers students to explore and understand themselves more. In the assembly, artist Ms So inspires students by showing her passion for arts. In the end, she demonstrates her artistic sense by drawing a comic version of Principal Cheung. We are all amazed by her quick yet cute drawing.

20240508 Cyclic Assembly on F3 Tourism Project Presentation

A highlight of the F.3 curriculum is the interdisciplinary project themed “Hong Kong Cultural Tourism”, which involves not only the English Language subject, but also Chinese History, History, Chinese Language and Computer Literacy. After some investigation and on-site visits to local tourist spots, students make use of multimodal texts, creating videos, presentation slides and websites in English to promote these spots to foreigners.
Here comes the final of the project, where representatives from each class show their learning outcomes, presenting their tourist spots in a lively way. Not only is it a golden opportunity for the representatives to speak in public, but all the students can also learn more about Hong Kong in a unique way and how to present effectively.

20240507 Sharing on Volunteer Work by Students

To show care to our schoolmates and concern to our society, students initiated some activities to serve the school and community. They designed and carried out some activities, such as cleaning the streets and cheering for DSE students. In the sharing session, they share their passion and encourage others to devote to society and join their effort.

20240503 202405017 F.1 & F.2 LaC Spelling Bee Contests

Hosted by our English Ambassadors, two Spelling Bee Contests are held. The contests test students’ spelling of common words in different subjects. We hope the contests enable students to understand the importance of English spelling and motivate them to learn across curriculum (LaC).

20240502 Morning Assembly Sharing by Mr Shanahan

We are all immersed in Mr Shanahan’s sharing, taking us to Europe live with his rich knowledge and vivid description of European culture. He shares with us his European trip, highlighting some unique architecture styles and iconic tourism spots.

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