Extra-curricular Activities Committee

Extra-curricular Activities Committee

The school’s belief in respect to extra-curricular activities

  • The school provides a valuable opportunities for students in which to grow and develop their individual potential.
  • The school  provide the greatest room for students to develop, giving them the most comprehensive and the richest learning experience.
  • Learning in communal life is one of the valuable learning experiences, which cumulates in the student’s experience of growth and has a profound effect.
  • Learning in communal life is not acquired through books but through authentic life experiences.
  • The best learning experience is not gained by passive participation in school activities, but is acquired in situations shaped and initiated by the students.

Features of our extra-curricular activities

In designing extra-curricular activities, we aim to extend classroom learning and let students have a balanced development on knowledge, ability, attitude and values, so as to realize our objective in education, i.e. education on spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects.

Extra-curricular activities in the school can be grouped under five categories, namely academic, sports, music, art, interest and services. There are 16 clubs and societies, 10 sports teams, 10 music groups, 2 uniformed groups and a campus TV station, providing a wide range of extra-curricular activities for students.

In sum, the school’s extra-curricular activities have the following features:

Student oriented —— We believe that students are able to organize and promote activities. By doing so, they enjoy the activities more and develop leadership and acquire the skills necessary in organizing activities. To put the idea of student oriented into practice, a joint council of chairpersons is set up under the Students’ Union to monitor and steer the work of clubs and societies.

Strong Students’ Union  —— Our Students’ Union has a long history and a well–established tradition. Each year, senior students take active part in running for a seat on the Union. The Students’ Union organizes school-wide activities such as Charity Week and Post-Exam Activity Day.

Training of leaders —— The Extra-curricular Activity Committee invites experienced social workers to give leadership training to students of different levels with various posts. The purpose is to let student leaders learn theories on leadership and strengthen their confidence, and to practice what they have learned.

Inter-school competitions —— To broaden students’ horizons, the school encourages students to take part in inter-school competitions. Many students take part in such competitions every year and record good results. Take 2018-2019 as an example, students took part in 71 inter-school competitions (involving 490 students).



  1. To enhancing communication among students, the student union and the school, fulfilling the role as a bridge between different parties.
  2. To forge the team spirit of the student body and the students’ sense of belonging to the school.
  3. To provide different welfare services on the topics of interest to the students.
  4. To provide all-rounded inter-school activities for students.
  5. To increase the transparency of the student union and make it a more mature, independent and representative student community.
  6. To raise awareness of the involvement in charity among students.
  7. To organize a greater variety of activities in helping students achieve whole person development.
  8. To enrich the relationship with other schools by organizing more joint-school activities.
  9. To provide on the job leadership training programs to the junior form students.

Students’ Activities

  1. Charity week
  2. Post examination activities
  3. Singing Contest
  4. Christmas ball
  5. Student Magazine
  6. Junior Leadership training program
  7. Joint school varieties show.
  8. Joint school oral practice.
  9. Joint school mock paper exchange
  10. Stationary selling and photo copying service