Extra-curricular Activities Committee

Extra-curricular Activities Committee


  1. To nurture students’ all-round development in ethical, intellectual, physical, social as well as aesthetical aspects.
  2. To provide students with opportunities for building their character, leadership qualities and realizing their own potentials.
  3. To provide students other learning experiences outside the classrooms.
  4. To help students be more self-disciplined, independent and confident.
  5. To develop in students a sense of belonging to school through participation in different extra-curricular activities (ECAs).

Objectives for the year

  1. To facilitate experiential learning with flexible and lively application of knowledge and creativity
  2. To cultivate the spirit of grit, develop their growth mindset, assist students to treasure effort and foster the attitude of embracing challenges
  3. To cultivate the spirit of thankfulness and promote a positive life
  4. Promote a balanced and vibrant life

Committee Members

S.Y. Lau(Convenor), H.Y.Lee ,C.L.Lam, C.H.Ko, C.Hu

 Club Promotion Booklet 2223

Highlighted Activities

Post -exam Activities

F.4 Students’ Growth Camp

Club Expo