Life-wide Learning Committee

Life-wide Learning Committee


  1. Promote Life-wide learning and encourage students to apply knowledge through experiential learning activities to increase the depth and breadth of learning.
  2. Create a rich and diverse learning environment to ignite students’ interests in learning and enhance ability of self-learning.
  3. Make use of the community as learning scenes to foster students’ sense of belonging in the community and strengthening the education of moral values.
  4. Provide high-quality overseas study trips for students to enrich learning experience and develop whole-person education.

Objectives for the year

  1. Strengthen students’ self-learning abilities and develop self-determination for enhancing students’ abilities to apply knowledge and problem-solving skills.
  2. Develop students’ confidence and sense of satisfaction through life-wide learning and collaborative learning.
  3. Foster whole-person development of students by creating various experiential learning experiences under the “Five Essential Learning Experiences”
  4. Promote values education to cultivate students’ spirit of grit and perseverance, as well as developing a thankful and grateful heart.

Committee Members

Siu Ho Sing (Convenor), Hui Man Chung, Cheung Ka Man, Lam Man Ki, Cheng Wing Sze, Wong King Wai

Some highlighted activities

Experiential Learning Lessons in F.2

Overseas study trips (F.3 / F.4)

Promote different kind of experiential learning activities in Post-exam activity day