Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message


Greetings from STMC!

Having founded since 1983, our school has always been upholding the spirit of Christianity in developing the six aspects of the students’ whole person characters, namely moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic, and spiritual.

The theme of our school plan 2022-2025 is “Learning without Walls; Learning beyond Tomorrow; Living a Flourishing Life”, and this leads to three major concerns. They are:

1. To strengthen students’ learning ownership and unleash learning potential by optimizing teaching and learning pedagogy;

2. To open up global perspectives and deepen the meaning of learning by reimagining the curriculum;

3. To nurture positive attitudes and let students live a flourishing life through positive education.

This year we will strengthen students’ self-directed learning, collaborative learning, and experiential learning. We aim for developing and equipping our students with 6 Global Competencies, (Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Global Citizenship & Characters). We will go further to facilitate cross-curricular projects, to promote diversity reading, to launch IT in e-learning and innovating, to develop STEM curriculum, and to enhance life-wide learning activities in different key learning areas. On top of it, we see the need of upholding the life education.

Our school activities are diversified and full of fun. They are Ceremonial Benediction for Form 1 students, Celebration of Adulthood for Form 6 students, Guidance Day for Primary 6 pupils, Parents’ Day, Religious Week, STEM Week, Careers Week, and many more to be explored by the students.

With the support of Sha Tin Methodist Church, parents, alumni, and local community, and with God holding us hand in hand, we sure will live up the STMC spirit of Loving, Believing, and Serving.


CHEUNG Chui-yee (Ms.)


September 2022


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