Principal’s Message 2020-2021

Principal’s Message 2020-2021

      Greetings from STMC!

      Founded in 1983, our school always upholds the spirits of Christianity in developing students’ whole person characters in six aspects – the moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic, and spiritual.

      Life education is an essential component in our school-based curriculum. We believe that ‘life affects life’, and it is through the nurture of religious atmosphere, loving care of teachers, peer support among students, and social interactions that our students would build up their personal characters with positive values, respect, integrity, care for others, confidence and grit.

      Much effort is clearly put in promoting the use of English inside and outside classrooms since English is our Medium of Instruction (MOI), but we would certainly never do so in the expense of other key subjects – mathematics, science, humanities, arts, information technology, liberal studies and moral education, to name a few.

      Our HKDSE results in 2020 are very encouraging. Our passing rate of all subjects is higher than that of the Hong Kong average. 60% of our students attained level 4 to 5** in the subjects they sat in, and 93% of them got JUPAS offers.

      The theme of our school plan 2018-2022 is ‘To Create, To Share and To Explore Together; To Persevere, To Be Grateful and To Grow Together’, and the major concerns of which are:

1. To strengthen students’ self and peer learning ability

2. To facilitate experiential learning with flexible application of knowledge and creativity

3. To cultivate the spirit of grit, thankfulness and the attitude of embracing challenges with optimism

      In this school year, we will go further in promoting diversity reading, facilitating IT in e-learning, innovating and developing the STEM curriculum, and restructuring the humanities one.

      Our school activities are diversified and full of fun; there are Ceremonial Benediction for Form 1 students, Celebration of Adulthood for Form 6 students, Guidance Day for Primary 6 pupils, Parents’ Day, Religious Week, STEM Week, Careers Week, and many more.

      We believe that with the support of parish church, parents, alumni and the local community, and in the grace and guidance of God, we will live up the STMC spirit of Loving, Believing and Serving.

Cheung Chui Yee (Ms.)
September 2020

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