Quality Education

The school has received funding from the Government’s Quality Education Fund on a number of creative education projects since the 2000’s. These include:

  • Green School Campaign,
  • Multi-media Language Lab,
  • Chinese Orchestra,
  • Western Orchestra,
  • General Education on Chinese Medicine,
  • Digital Music and Creative Art Workshop,
  • Millennium Multi-media Classrooms,
  • General Education on Chinese Medicine and Resource Centre,
  • Campus TV.

Since 2000, a number of Seed Projects have been carried out in collaboration with the Curriculum Development Institute of EDB with a view to introducing curriculum that enriches learning experience. A number of teachers have been seconded to EDB to take part in the development and optimization of the curriculum on Gifted Education, Science Education, Chines History Education, Integrated Humanities and Liberal Studies. The curriculum has been implemented in the school and was also adapted by other schools in Hong Kong from time to time. In 2002, the school was elected to be one of the 20 outstanding schools and a Resource School to share its experience with fellow schools in Hong Kong. Apart from 3-4 sharing sessions on different themes held every month, an open forum was held on 13 June 2003 and a journal was published. Another Knowledge Fair was held in November 2008 to celebrate our school’s 25th Anniversary and to serve as a platform to share our school-based curriculum projects with the other schools. Since 2006, the school has been invited to be a Professional Development School for improvement of Learning and Teaching projects to further enhance quality education and share its experience with other schools. The school has organized study tours to Beijing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Xian, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, and Seoul as well as to UK and Australia etc. in the last decade. In 2004 & 2009, EMB conducted a comprehensive External School Review to the school. The assessment covered 14 items in 4 main areas, for which the school obtained grading of “Excellent” or “Good”. Results of External School Review by EMB:

Aspects Management & Organization Learning & Teaching Support for Student & School Ethos Student Performance
Excellent & Good – Professional Leadership – Planning & Administration – Staff Management – Planning & Management of Resources – Self-evaluation – Curriculum – Teaching – Student Learning Performance – Assessment – Support for Student Development – School Culture – Attitude & Behavior – Participation & Achievement