Careers Committee

Careers Committee


  1. To help students get updated information to explore different paths of further studies and careers. To encourage them to set their goals and equip themselves so as to adapt to the ever-changing society.
  2. To widen students’ horizon, to enable them to explore the career world, to help them ignite their potentials, build up a positive self-image and set life goals.
  3. To provide students with education and career guidance, help them to equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitude to make wise career, academic choices in accordance with their interests, abilities and orientation.
  4. With a view to providing students with a broad and balanced curriculum, other learning experiences are in line with core and elective subjects. The design is to provide opportunities for students to have balanced development in intellectual, academic, physical, social and aesthetic aspects.
  5. Through records and reflections, students can review their OLE throughout their senior secondary years, which promotes students’ positive values and attitudes, and guides them in their personal growth.

Teachers Responsible 

Ms. Fan Lai Shan, Ms. Chao Hong Ieng, Ms. Au Mei Yan, Ms. Choi Lai Kwan, Mr. Wu Ka Cheuk,  Ms. Lo Wing Shan, Ms Cheung Ka Man

Highlighted Activities

F3 COA Briefing & Debriefing

CC F3 COA Briefing & Debriefing

F.3 Study Prospect Talk

cc F3 prospect talk


F3 Parents’ Talk

CC F3 Parents’ Talk

F6 Jupas Follow up Talk

cc F6 Jupas Follow up Talk

F6 Jupas Introduction Talk

cc F6 Jupas Introduction Talk

F6 Parents’ Talk

cc F6 Parents Talk

F5 Self Account Talk

F5 Self Account Talk

F6 DSE Results Release Talk

cc F6 DSE Results Release Talk

F6 Parents Day and Exhibition Booth

cc F6 Parents Day and Exhibition Booth


cc 計劃人生工作坊