Guidance Committee

Guidance Committee


  1. Providing students help in adjusting to the physical, psychological and social changes during their adolescence
  2. Helping students in the development of a high self-esteem in terms of uniqueness, affiliation, direction, efficacy and safety.
  3. Enhancing students’ self-understanding and helping them to uncover and develop their potential so that they can realise their character strengths and achieve an all-round development.
  4. Nurturing positive attitudes and qualities in students and boosting their adversity quotient so that they can face life challenges with courage.

Objectives Of The Year

  1. Advocate positive education, cultivate students’ positive attitude, enhance students’ social, mental, and physical well-beings to help them deal with adversity.
  2. Cultivate students’ habit of reflection and strengthen their appreciation of the gain in process, to enhance students’ sense of direction, efficiency, and grit.
  3. Cultivate students’ gratefulness, enhance positive emotions, sense of satisfaction, and resilience.

Committee Members

Ms. C.W. Chan (Convenor), Ms. Y.Y. Ng, Ms. K.S. Chan, 

Ms. K.M. Cheung, Ms. H.K. Lau, Ms. W.S. Wong, Mr. H.C. Wong

Highlighted Activities

F.1 Orientation Day

F.1 Parents’ Day

7-Wellness Day

P.6 Guidance Day

Happy Campus Activity

Big Brothers & Sisters Thanks Giving Day