Guidance Committee

Guidance Committee


Strengthen students’ perseverance through

  • Cultivating students’ growth mindsets and students’ sense of efficacy in order that they can embrace challenges with grit.
  • Building up students’ reflective habits and appreciation for the gains in the process so as to boost students’ sense of direction.
  • Nurturing students’ gratitude so as to boost students’ positive emotions and sense of satisfaction.
  • Promoting positive attitudes and values in the school environment.


Thematic activities on promoting “Growth Mindset”

  1.  Cyclic assemblies: Never lose Hope
  2.  F.1-F.6 Class teacher lessons on Growth Mindset:
  3.  F.1: My stage
  4.  F.2 and F.3: “I am cool” self-breakthrough schemes
  5.  ‘Growth Mindset’ – inspiring quotes on “Failing Forward”.
  6.  ‘Embrace Failure’ Class Boards Design competition
  7. “Dare to act, Brave to fail” Action Plan & Interview Days with form teachers
  8. Lunch time activities: ‘The beauty of imperfection’
  9. Class teacher period: Self-compassion
  10. Reading Day Book Exhibition : Resilience


  1. F.1 Salute to Big Brothers and Sisters
  2. F1 Class teacher Lessons ‘A Day as a Parent’
  3. Class teacher lessons Series: ‘Thank you I am Unique’
  4. Acts of Appreciation:
  • Parents’ Day Thanksgiving Activity
  • End-of-the-year ‘Thank You for Being There’

Empowerment & Resilience

  1. F.1 Orientation Day
  2. F1 Big Brothers and Sisters Scheme
  3. Class teacher lessons series: ‘We Grow Together’
  4. Class teacher lessons series: ‘Affirm our Way’ and ‘Be strong and brave’
  5. Joyful@School Campaign – Respect life and Walk together

Leadership and Peer Support Programmes

  1. Big Brothers and Sisters Scheme
  2. ‘Positive Energy’ Ambassadors

Sex education

  1. Class Teacher Lessons: Sex education series

Parents’ value education

  1. F.1 Parents’ Day and Yearly Parents’ Day
  2. Parents’ Talks

Case Follow-up and case conferences

Teachers Responsible

Mrs Kwok Wong Miu Han, Miss Ng Ying Ying, Ms Cheung Pui Man, Mr A. Gracia, Ms Chan Ching Wah, Miss Wong Wing Sze, Mr Chan Yuk Man, Mr. Mui Chun Kit