SEN Student Support Group


  1. To enhance the school’s caring and harmonious atmosphere for inclusion education.
  2. To enhance teachers’ understanding of students with SEN.
  3. To provide guidance and counselling for students with SEN so that their potential can be developed to the full for achieving their goals.

Objectives of the Year

  1. School culture: Fostering a harmonious and inclusive school culture.
  2. Teacher support: Enhancing teachers’ understanding and concern for students with SEN.
  3. Parental support: Enhancing parents’ understanding and concern for their children with SEN.
  4. Student support:
  • Enhancing students’ willpower and the sense of competence through the cultivation of the growth mindset so that they are well equipped for meeting future challenges.
  • Providing individual follow-up, professional assessments and relevant intervention for suspected and confirmed cases of SEN in school.
  • Applying for special homework and examination arrangements for students with SEN to ensure that academic assessments at school have attended to their needs and limitations.
  • Organizing various activities and trainings catering to the abilities and needs of students, with the aims of helping them to face and deal with their own learning difficulties while cultivating a positive self-concept.

Committee Members

Ms. Y.Y. Ng (SEN Coordinator)
Ms. W.S.Wong (SEN Support Teacher),
Ms. R.Ng
Mr. H.C.Wong
Ms. K.Y. Choi (Educational Psychologist)
Ms. W.C. Chan (Speech Therapist)
Mr. K.H. Leung (Social Worker)
Ms. L.Y. Wong (Social Worker)
Ms. K.H. Yiu (Student Counsellor)