Academic Affairs Committee

Academic Affairs Committee

Basic information

Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) is responsible for coordinating and organizing various academic activities of the school, including test & examination affairs, admission & registration affairs and general academic affairs.
We maintain a good partnership with different stakeholders to provide support to our students, including EDB and HKEAA.


  1. Organize the academic affairs so that the school runs smoothly and
  2. Maintain good partnership with different parties to provide appropriate support to SEN students.
  3. Maintain good partnership with related external bodies, which include EDB and HKEAA.
  4. Provide information to students and help them apply different grants and subsidies to satisfy their needs.

Objectives for the year 

  1. Provide good support to SEN students so that they performance their best despite of their constraints.
  2. Enhance the work efficiency with good use of IT technology.

Committee Members

S.L.Chu (Convenor), T.S.Chan, M.L.Ching, L.P.Choy, S.Y. Lau, P.S.Leung, M.W. Tsang, K.W.Wong

Highlighted Activities

First, second and third in Form and best-all-round scholarship winners

Prize presentation ceremony of the end of school year service of 2020-2021