External Liaison Committee

External Liaison Committee


  1. To affirm and strengthen the fine traditional culture and characteristics of STMC.
  2. To showcase the fine traditional culture and characteristics to the public.
  3. To establish friendly relations with the public (primary schools as the main target, the media as the second target).

Objectives for the year

  1. To create a grateful campus atmosphere and cultivate students to love themselves and others.
  2. To affirm and strengthen the fine traditional culture of STMC to match the theme of the School Development Plan—”To Create, Share & Explore Together; To Persevere, Be Grateful & Grow Together”.
  3. To strengthen ties with primary schools and enhance publicity, and showcase the culture of STMC and the achievements of students.

Committee Members

Wong Lai Kwan (Convenor), Law Shuk Fong, Tsang Tsz Wun, Chau Ching Yu, Cheung Wah Sang, Choi Lai Kwan, Tang Sai Cheong

highlighted activities

  1. Primary 6 Guidance Day
    P.6 Guidance Day is not only regarded as a day to promote our school, but also a day to strengthen the bond of the whole school as all the groups cooperate and work for a common goal.
  1. Sha Tin District Primary School Mathematics Contest
    Our school is eager to promote Mathematics not only in our school, but also among different schools. Sha Tin District Primary School Mathematics Contest, in which Maths lovers from primary schools in Sha Tin are invited, is a traditional event organized by our committee and Maths Club.
  1. Visits by Primary Schools
    We have kept in contact with primary schools. Some of them have visited our school to gain more understanding of our activities, culture and curriculum.
  1. Sha Tin Secondary Schools Exposition
    Our teachers and students are glad to share with primary school students and their parents about our school at Sha Tin Secondary Schools Exposition.


  1. School Publications
    Every year, our group issues various publications “School Profile”, “Introduction to School Curriculum Booklet”, school newsletters “STMC Life” and displays exhibition boards so that the public can gain a better understanding of our school’s characteristics and the latest development.