Staff Development Committee

Staff Development Committee


  1. To enhance teachers’ professional knowledge to adapt to the changes of the curriculum.
  2. To ignite teachers’ passion for nurturing students.
  3. To encourage teachers to keep learning and gaining knowledge so that they can be the role models of students.

Objectives for the year

  1. To enhance teachers’ professional knowledge and abilities in the lessons.
  2. To increase teachers’ dedication to education and promote their own well-being.
  3. To take care of junior teachers’ professional development.

Committee Members

M.C. Hui (Convenor) ,Y.Y. Ng ,H.S. Siu

Highlighted Activities

Learning and Teaching Improvement for Real—Lesson Preparation, Observation, and Discussion

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Horticultural therapy

Automated External Defibrillator,AED courses

The relationship between positive education and teaching