IT Facilities & Support

IT Facilities & Support

The Multi-media Learning Centre, the Millennium Multi-media Classroom and the Digital Music and Creative Art Workshop have been set up to facilitate learning and teaching.

The school also set up a Campus TV station on production of videos and clips. The Campus TV production center provides each classroom with live broadcast video.

All classrooms and special rooms in the school are equipped with projectors, computers with sound systems, visualizers and wireless microphones.

All teachers of the school have attained comfortable and competent levels of IT competency required by EMB. All teachers are allocated computers to facilitate teaching.

Computer is used extensively in school administration, such as computerized library and web-based school management system. The External School Review report highly praised the school’s IT facilities. This was a show of recognition of the school’s effort in IT construction in the past years.

From 2019-2020 onwards, F1 students need to Bring their Own Device (BYOD), i.e. iPad to learn during the lessons. iPads are used as a learning tool to facilitate self-learning, peer learning and quick feedback.