1. To develop a broad, general understanding of biological principles and concepts.
  2. To stretch students’ ability in self-learning and strengthen the confidence in learning Biology with English as medium.
  3. To broaden students’ horizon and develop the ability to think critically and make scientific inquiries

Learning scope

The curriculum consists of compulsory and elective parts.

The compulsory part covers a range of content that enables students to develop understanding of fundamental biological principles and concepts, and the scientific process skills. There are four topics in the compulsory part – Cells and Molecules of Life, Genetics and Evolution, Organisms and Environment, and Health and Diseases.

The elective part is designed to cater for the diverse interests, abilities and needs of students. It aims to provide an in-depth treatment of some of the topics in the compulsory part, an application of essential knowledge and concepts, or an extension of certain areas of study. There are four topics in the elective part – Human Physiology: Regulation and Control, Applied Ecology, Microorganisms and Humans, and Biotechnology. Students are required to study any two out of the four topics.

Learning activities

There is a wide range of activities, such as discussion, debate, practical work, projects & investigations, visits and seminars to enable students to achieve the learning outcomes.

Career prospect

Job opportunities include medical service in hospitals & private clinics, administration, education, biomedical research, biotechnology experts in industry, and environment-related positions in both Government and the private sector.

Teachers responsible

Miss Ching Mei Lun (convenor), Mr. Tsang Wing Kee, Miss Wong King Wai, Bianca

Highlighted activities

2022 Health Ex Presnt Competition CUHK




CityU Science Video Competition 2022


F4 steam@bean soya bean cultivation

F4 steam@bean soya bean cultivation
Activities – Sha Tin Methodist College