Business, Accounting and Financial Studies


  1. To develop students’ the fundamental business knowledge and equip them with an understanding and capability to analyse and present business data.
  2. To develop students’ generic skills, in particular, use information technology to locate, select, and organise relevant business information for decision-marking.
  3. To develop students’ positive values and attitudes to contribute to the business sector and society at large.

New Senior Secondary

Curriculum Aims

The overall aims of the Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (BAFS) curriculum are:

  • to provide students at senior secondary level with fundamental business knowledge and skills, and develop their positive values and attitudes, so that they can fulfil their roles competently and confidently as consumers, investors, employees and/or entrepreneurs;
  • to develop students’ generic skills in research, analysis, leadership, team-building, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving and transfer them to different domains; and
  • to explore different aspects of business to prepare students for life, for learning and for employment.

Learning Targets

BAFS equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills, positive values and attitudes to contribute to the business sector and society at large. The learning targets of the curriculum are to enable students to:

  • understand and critically evaluate local and global business issues, not only as members of the business world but also as responsible and effective citizens;
  • appreciate the pace of change in the business world, so that they become reflective, self-motivated and self-managed lifelong learners, who can act proactively and make informed decisions in an ever-changing environment;
  • be equipped with an understanding and capability to search for, interpret, analyse and make use of information for business development; and develop an awareness of and interest in business for planning their academic and career development.

Curriculum Structure and Organisation

The compulsory part of the BAFS curriculum covers four main areas, namely: Business Environment, Introduction to Management, Introduction to Accounting and Basics of Personal Financial Management. They provide a threshold, in terms of knowledge and skills, for students’ future studies or careers.

The elective part, which builds upon the knowledge and skills in the compulsory part, provides students with an opportunity to pursue a more in-depth study in a focused area. Our school has chosen Accounting module as an elective part.

Assessment design

The assessment design is subject to continual refinement in the light of feedback. Full details will be provided in other supplementary documents, in particular the approved Regulations and Assessment Frameworks for the year of the examination.

Component Weighting Duration
Public examination Paper 1   Compulsory part 40% 1 hour 15 minutes
Public examination Paper 2   Elective part (choose one only)
2A Accouting module
2B Bussiness management module
60% 2 hours 15 minutes

Public Examination

Paper 1

There will be two sections in the paper: Section A (60 marks) will consist of multiple choice questions and Secton B (30 marks) short questions divided into two parts. Candidates are required to answer 3-4 compulsory questions in part 1 (20 marks) and there will be a choice of one outof two questions in Part 2 (10 marks)

Questions will be set on the compulsory part of the curriculum.

Paper 2

Question will be set on the respective module of the elective part of the curriculum. Candidates are however, expected to integrate their knowledge and skills learnt in the compulsory part to demonstrate in-depth knowledged of the module.

There will be three sections as follows:

Paper 2A Paper 2B Remarks
Section A (24 marks) 3 -4 short questions 4-5 short questions All questions are compulsory
Secton B (36 marks) 2-3 application problems 2 case studies All questions are compulsory
Section C (20 marks) Case/Theory questions Essay questions Candidates are required to answer one out of two questions

Teachers Responsible

Ms. Yau Pui Wah (Convenor)