Business, Accounting and Financial Studies

Business, Accounting and Financial Studies


  1. To develop students’ fundamental business knowledge and equip them to understand, analyze and present business data.
  2. To develop students’ generic skills, in particular, using information technology to locate, select and organize relevant business information for decision-making.
  3. To develop students’ positive values and attitudes so as to contribute to the business sector and society.

Targets of the year 2022-23

  1. Strengthen students’ learning ownership and unleash learning potential by optimizing teaching and learning pedagogy.
  2. Open up global perspectives and deepen learning’s meaning by reimagining the curriculum.
  3. Nurture positive attitudes and let students live a flourishing life through positive education.


Ms Yau Pui Wah (convenor and member)

Highlighted Activities

BAFS Scholarship held by HKICPA


Fair Trade Campus Sales 2021