1. To help students to develop interest, motivation and a sense of achievement in their study of Chemistry.
  2. To help students to acquire some knowledge of Chemistry and an ability to communicate using the language of Chemistry.
  3. To help students to develop an appreciation of Chemistry and its application in daily life.
  4. To prepare students for the formulation of values related to social, economic, environmental and technological aspects of Chemistry, so that they may grow up to be responsible citizens.
  5. To help students to acquire an ability to observe objectively, to think scientifically and independently, to solve problems and to make rational decision.
  6. To provide students with the suitable preparation for further studies and future careers in disciplines related to Chemistry.

Objectives of the year

  1. Strengthen students’ self and peer learning ability.
  2. Facilitate experiential learning with flexible application of knowledge and creativity.
  3. Cultivate the spirit of grit, thankfulness and the attitude of embracing challenges with optimism.

Teachers responsible

Mr. Y. F. Lau (Convenor), Mr. K.T. Lau