Design and Technology

Design and Technology


  1. To develop the ability of individual students to evaluate artefact through a growing awareness based on experience.
  2. To recognise the challenge of technology, and be ready, through the understanding of design, to accept and realise its promise.

Objectives for the year

  1. To strengthen students’ self and peer learning ability
  2. To facilitate experiential learning with flexible application of knowledge and creativity
  3. To cultivate the spirit of grit, thankfulness and the attitude of embracing challenges with optimism

Teachers responsible

Mr. Tang Sai Cheong (convenor)

Highlighted Activities

D&T Game Stall_STEM week_2018

D&T Project Exhibition_P6 Guidance Day_2017

D&T Project Open Exhibition_P6 Guidance Day & STEM week_2018-19

D&T Public Project Exhibition_ Learning & Teaching Expo 2017

D&T Public Project Exhibition_Smart Pen Stand_Polytechnic University_2018