1. To stimulate the students’ interest in studying Geography.
  2. To help students in recognizing and understanding the arrangement of phenomena and features on Earth as well as the inter-relationship and interaction among people, places and environments from spatial and ecological perspectives.
  3. To help students in developing geographical skills and basic competencies for further studies and life situations.
  4. To help students in applying geographical knowledge and skills acquired for the betterment of individuals, the society, the nation and the world.

New Senior Secondary Curriculum

Compulsory Part

A. Living with our physical environment

  1. Opportunities and Risks – Is it rational to live in hazard- prone areas ?
  2. Managing Rivers and Coastal Environments – A continuing challenge

B. Facing Changes in the human  environment

  1. Changing Industrial Location – How and   why does it change over  space and time ?
  2. Building a Sustainable City –   Are  environmental conservation and   urban development mutually exclusive ?

C. Confronting global challenges

  1. Combating Famine – Is technology a  panacea for food shortage ?
  2. Disappearing Green Canopy –  Who should   pay for the massive deforestation  in rainforest regions ?
  3. Climatic change – Long term fluctuation or irreversible trend ?

Elective Part

  1. Dynamic Earth : the building of Hong Kong  Rock types, geological features in HK  resources, hazard ( landslide )
  2. Weather and Climate in H.K. and China e.g. cold front, typhoon    climatic hazards, impacts , strategies

Teachers Responsible

Mrs. Yu Lai Shuk Yee (Convenor), Mrs.Kwok Wong Miu Han, Ms. Mak Yin Chin, Miss W.S. Wong

Student Activities

Boat trip was held each year – Sites of boat trip including Tung Ping Chau, Ap Chau, Double Haven,  Sai  Kung Peninsula, High Island, Tap Mun, Po Toi etc.

Field study camp would be held for F.5 Geography students.