Physical Education


  1. To develop pupils’ motor skills, help them acquire necessary knowledge and an active life-style through physical and sports activities.
  2. To develop in pupils’ an awareness of good health, physical fitness and body coordination.
  3. To develop pupils’ qualities of desirable moral behaviors, cooperation in communal life, decision making skills and the appreciation of aesthetic movements.

New Senior Secondary

New Senior Secondary Subject: Physical Education

Teachers Responsible

Ms.Yuen Kit Ping (convenor), Mr.Yeung Hoi Man (deputy convenor),  Ms. Lo Wing Shan.

Student Activities

Sports Day, Swimming Gala, Round Estate Run, Inter-class Competitions, Inter-School Competitions, Training Courses, and Exchange Tour.

Sports Teams

Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Dodge Ball, Table Tennis, Swimming, Fencing, Athletics, Shuttlecock, Rope Skipping, Badminton.