Visual Arts

Visual Arts


  1. To develop students’ creativity and critical thinking, nurture aesthetic sensitivity and build up effective communication.
  2. To enable students to gain delight, enjoyment and satisfaction through participating in arts–making activities.
  3. To strengthen students’ abilities to appreciate and create various forms of visual arts work aesthetically and critically.

Objectives for the year

  1. Strengthen students’ learning ownership and unleash their learning potential to break through the learning walls and become confident, self- directed and active learners
  2. Open up students’ global perspectives and deepen learning’s meaning so that students are ready to embrace challenges of today and tomorrow, and act as change agents of the community and the world.
  3. Promote positive education (PERMAH) to facilitate students to establish positive values, develop positive relationship, positive engagement and positive health to enhance their well-being

Committee Members

L.K.Choi (convenor), Alexandre A.Garcia

Highlighted Activities

3D Painting workshop

Balloon Art Workshop

Joint Schools Visual Arts exhibition 2022

F.2 and F.3 Museum Visit (M+)