Have You Read The Policy Address?

Have You Read The Policy Address?

Do you know our Chief Executive Mr. Donald Tsang delivered the Policy address yesterday?

Yes? Good. Then I will ask you 10 questions. See if you can answer them. Some are straightforward. Some are a bit complicated. If you can answer more than 5, Good! You are quite aware of the current issues. If you can answer more than 7, Excellent! You have a strong inquiry mind and self-directed learning attitude. If you can have answers for all the questions, you are really brilliant! Get ready? Make guesses now.

  1. How long has Mr. Tsang been the Chief Executive in HK? (7 years)
  2. Why is it his last policy address? (Because next year will be the end of his term)
  3. He is the second Chief Executive. Who was the first one in HK and who would be the new one? (Mr. Tung Chee Hwa, No one knows yet!)
  4. What is the title of the Policy Address this year? (“From Strength to Strength”)
  5. Which colour did he choose to the covering page? Why this colour? (Orange. An optimistic future)
  6. In the policy address, there are 3 issues, which Mr. Tsang is very concerned. What are the three pressing problems HK has been facing? (Yes! They are the housing problem, the high cost of living and an ageing population)
  7. Which group of people would welcome the policy address? Why? Give two reasons. (Elderly coz they can travel free with $2 and those living in Guandong can get the old pension)
  8. What kind of housing will be rebuilt to help low-income families in HK? What will be the maximum monthly household income of such family? (Home Ownership Scheme, $30,000)
  9. Why does the CE think that we are facing very uncertain times concerning the economic situation? This is related to the situation in Europe and US. Do you know? (The sovereign debt issue in Europe and the deficit issue in America which has made the economy fragile)
  10. What is your opinion of the Policy Address? How many marks will you give it? A pass or above average? Why? Give evidences to support your argument. (A long question! No right or wrong answer but requires you to elaborate and explain critically)

Well, can you get the answers for all questions? I will post up on the school website. Number 10 is special because it may not have right or wrong answer but requires you to elaborate and explain with a critical mind.

So Today’s lunch talk has come to an end and I wish all of you would always bear in mind to care about our community and the world, read more news and think more with an inquiry mind and self-directed learning attitude. Thank you.

2011-2012 Policy Address of Hong Kong Official Website