Tomorrow is the first day of the First Test. You may feel anxious and a bit stressful. Don’t be afraid. I know you would try your best and do your best. The most important thing for tests and exams, in my opinion, is not about how many marks you get, but about your attitude towards learning.

However some of our schoolmates seemed not really able to understand the true meaning of quiz and tests. Last week, it was found that some students (despite of its small number) in the junior forms were not honest when they did the quiz. They did not do the quiz by themselves but copied from somewhere. Not only did such students cheat their teachers, but also their parents, their friends and themselves.

Honesty is telling the truth and is straightforward conduct. Are you honest persons? Do you know why it is important to be honest?

If we’re honest in all what we do and say, it means we are genuine, real and true. Living our life honestly and with integrity means that we’ve decided to live openly and to show our true self to others and that we can be relied upon. Honesty and integrity produce trust – trust by all those around us and in ourselves. Trust in turn produces confidence. Such confidence helps us to conquer life’s problems and to take responsibilities in order to fulfill our goals and actualize our potentials.

On the other hand, dishonesty is all about living our life in ‘dark corners’. If we are dishonest, we will lose the trust of other people on us. We may not know who we are and what we can achieve. Therefore, if we want to grow, having integrity and being honest are fundamental.

Tomorrow will be the first day of the Test week. I hope all of you will do your best and be honest. Getting high marks or low marks is only the product. The most important issue is about the process, ie how you have prepared for it. What you have done and how you prepare for it indicate your attitude towards life. I hope that not only in the test week or exams but throughout the year in all events and activities, big or small, you should keep your honesty in your life journey. Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.