Look Within Look Forward Look Around

Look Within   Look Forward    Look Around

Look Within Look Forward Look Around

By: By Mrs. Wong Hui Chui Hung

Dear students and teachers,

Good morning. The long Christmas and New Year holiday has just passed. How did you spend the time? Have you spent the time wisely? Did you balance work, study and play? During the holiday, quite a number of sad news was received from my friends, and bad news was taken place locally and in the world. These remind me how delicate and fragile we human beings are. The year 2014 has just passed. Thank God we are still alive! Before us is a new year. How do we plan to live for the coming year? Do you have any wishes? What are your wishes? I have three wishes, all starting by the word ‘Look’! : )

First, Look within. As you can guess I am quite busy in my everyday schedule. So it is not strange that I sometimes forget the Lord or ignore Him. But I know it is very important to reserve a quiet time and a quiet heart to pray and listen to God’s words every day. Or else, I may not know where I am driving at and what the meaning of my work is. Therefore, I wish I will always look within. Find a time with God to reflect upon what I have done, what I have said and what I have thought every day. See if my thoughts, words and actions fit in God’s image. God is love. He listens to our prayers. He accepts us and forgives us. He gives us strength. He has a plan on each of us. So, I hope you can also put your anxiety and worries on Him. You can think about your dream and talk to our God.

Second, I wish I will always look forward and trust God especially in times of difficulties. The land I am to get is a land of valleys and hills. It will not be a flat land or easy roads. Actually, if life were always smooth and flat, the boring sameness would make me feel fed up. All of us need the valleys and also the hills. The hills collect the rain for the fruitful valleys. And so it is with us! It is the difficulty encountered on the hills that brings us the showers of blessings. We cannot see what trials, loss, and sorrow we are going to face. We need only to trust. So, don’t be afraid of difficulties or pressure. Our heavenly Father would come near to take our hand and lead us on our way.
Last but not the least, I wish I will always look around and serve the people around me. The people include the students, teachers, friends, family, and the people in the community and all over the world. I hope I will not be just a workaholic and too indulged in my work and forget to spend time to build relationship with the people around me. I wish I will learn to ‘look around’ to take opportunities to understand and serve others. This will make my life more fulfilling and joyful because serving others will give us meaning and let us grow. Serving others is like serving the Lord. This will make our heavenly Father happy, too.

I have just shared with you my three wishes in the New Year. That is, ‘Always Look Forward and Trust God even in times of challenges. Always Look Around and Serve people and God. Last but most important, always Look Within to find God and pray to Him’.

In spite of the uncertainty before us, we have a cheerful message from our heavenly father. The bible says, ‘The Lord your God cares for it; the eyes of the Lord are continually on it from the beginning of the year to its end’. The Lord is our source of supply. Hope you join me, learn and grow together in the year 2015. God bless.