Principal School Opening Speech 2017

Principal School Opening Speech 2017

Good morning, Rev Wong, fellow teachers and students,

Welcome back!  Happy to see you all after the long holiday, and I hope you’ve had a fruitful and an enjoyable summer.

I am sure you are all rested and ready to go back to school, both to study, and to have fun with your friends again.

If you still remember, the theme of the last school year was Learn Wisely, Live Amply.  And it is still the theme this year.

Active learning and taking initiative are the keys to learning wisely.  Do you have the initiative for active learning?  What drives you to learn?  If your driving force is test and exam scores, you will surely have a hard time.  But if you have a good cause, if you can see beyond test scores and find the spark and the joy innate to the act of learning, then learning will become much more interesting and much easier.  Go and find out why you have to learn.  Look inward.  If you cannot find an answer, seek guidance from your teachers.

After you have found a good cause for learning, learn wisely.  Be the master and take control of your own learning process.  Prepare for class, pay attention in class, participate actively in classroom activities and discussion.  Respect your teachers and respect your classmates.  Outside classroom, get to know what’s happening around you, at school, in society, in China and the world.  Read extensively, watch the news, download useful apps that can help you.  Be curious. Studying your textbooks and drilling past papers can get tedious sometimes, and they can only teach you that much. Go and broaden your horizons, actively seek knowledge from this great world that we live in. No matter what your interests are, be it astronomy, music, philosophy, or dance, the world has so much to offer.

Moving on to “Live Amply” — we all want you to live a fruitful and rewarding life.  Again, be your own master and take control of your life.  First and foremost, build up a good character – be a dignified and respectable person.  Behave – speak proper, dress proper and act proper.  Respect yourself.

Second, engage in different activities.  Develop your interests.  Explore your talents.  Unearth your potentials.  Stretch your limits.  There are so many extra-curricular activities you can participate in and different things you can do — academic or non-academic, competitions, community services, sports, music, visual art, performing art, cultural activities, etc, etc.  Do something, so that you won’t regret not having tried when you look back in life.

Most importantly, seek God.  It is only in Him that we can find wisdom.  It is only in Him that our life is meaningful.  In Chapter 9, the Book of Proverbs, Verse 10, it reads:  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is insight.” This bible verse is also our school motto.

On this first day of school, let me wish you a very promising year.  Learn wisely and live amply.  Above all, remember to seek the Lord.  Our heavenly Father is always up there, watching over us.

Before we go, please join me in welcoming our new teachers and colleagues.

They are:

Mr Ngai Chun, (魏雋), teaching Music and English

Ms Wong Lai Kwan, (王麗君), teaching Chinese and Chinese History.

Mr Ng King Lok, (吳境樂), teaching Mathematics

Mr Chung See Po (鍾詩寶), teaching Liberal Studies

Ms Heather McCann, our new Native English Teacher

Ms Fung Wing Tung (馮穎彤), our English Teaching Assistant

Ms Tse Sin Ying (謝善盈), Our IT Technician

Mr Wong Ho Chun (黃浩俊) , our Chinese Teaching Assistant

Ms Fung Hiu Ting (馮曉婷), our new Social Worker, who will be working together with Mr Michael Leung & Sally Lam our current Social Workers

Welcome our new STMC family members and we hope that you will enjoy your work life here.

Thank you.