每月焦點 (2024年4月)

每月焦點 (2024年4月)

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24240429 Swimming Gala

We are grateful that the swimming gala can be held successfully despite the unstable weather throughout the week. All students including the athletes, cheerleading teams of all classes, student helpers engage in the event. We thank the parents who come to join us by watching the events and acting as a judge for the cheerleading contest. We would also like to show our gratitude to all the staff including our teaching & non-teaching staff, the venue staff and janitors to support the event. The swimming gala ends with a closing ceremony, in which winners are presented with prizes amidst cheers and applause and a speech is presented by Ms Tam Tsz Wai, a member of Hong Kong China Dragon Boat National Team. Her speech has motivated students to be persistent and keep working hard for their goals.

20240426 F4 Volunteer Service Thanksgiving Ceremony

Co-organized with the Methodist Church Social Services Centre, our school provides an opportunity for F4 students to join volunteer service. The aim is to engage students in contributing to society echoing the bible’s message of serving the needy. After the service, F4 students share their reflection and show gratitude to the social workers who have guided them. Through this activity, we hope students’ serving heart can be ignited and social awareness can be raised.

20240426 Poolside Cheerleading Contest

A fun part of Swimming Gala is the Poolside Cheering Contest! It has become our traditional event for which each class designs their choreography matching their chosen songs. All the classes join it, showcasing their class energy, unity and creativity.

20240425 F3 NSS Talk by Hau Yau Club

F3 students are going to choose elective subjects for their senior form studies. They are informed the importance between their subject selection in F4-6, university studies and even future careers. Students are inspired to research and plan more for the future.

20240424-28 Visit to Wuhan, Yichang & Three Gorges Water Conservancy Construction in Hubei Province

During the Easter holiday, the Chinese Literature and Chinese History Departments organized the "Journey of a Thousand Miles: Wuhan, Yichang Culture, and Three Gorges Water Conservancy Construction" in Hubei Province from March 24th to 28th. Our students visited the Hubei Provincial Museum, Chuhe Hanjie, and Donghu Lake to gain an understanding of the history, culture, traditional architecture, as well as the contemporary development and achievements of China.

Our students studied the stories of Wuchang Uprising Memorial Hall and the history of Wuhan University, experiencing China's dream of pursuing strength and prosperity for over a century. From this, they have realized the importance of national security to the rejuvenation of our nation. They also visited the Yellow Crane Tower and Qu Yuan, immersing themselves in the flowing currents of the Yangtze River and Chu culture. Additionally, visiting Three Gorges Dam, Three Gorges Project Memorial Park and Three Gorges Project Exhibition Hall, they have gained insights into the impact of this Project and gained a deeper understanding of the necessity of safeguarding resource for governing the country and ensuring the well-being of its people.

Before this trip, our students had collected abundant information to serve as tour guides during the journey, introducing the history, culture, and customs of Hubei Province in an engaging and interactive manner in the tour coach. During the learning sharing session, they extended their discussions based on their observations throughout the trip and proposed improvement plans, deepening their understanding, and enriching each other’s learning.

復活節期間,文學科與中史科舉辦「同行萬里—湖北省武漢、宜昌文化與三峽水利建設之旅」(3 月 24 日至 3 月 28日)。同學參觀了湖北省博物館、楚河漢街、東湖,藉此認識湖北省歷史、文化、傳統建築及國家當代發展與成就。



20240424 F3 Quiz on Academic and General Knowledge

To arouse students’ interest in learning, there is a quiz on both academic and general knowledge. Supported by their class, the representatives of each class try their best to answer questions. We hope a positive and supportive learning atmosphere can be created through this quiz.

20240422 Consultation on School Affairs by Student Union

During lunchtime, a consultation is held so that the school and students can communicate effectively. Principal Cheung, Vice Principals and some senior teachers attend the consultation, providing a chance for the school to present their directions and an opportunity for students to raise questions and give comments about school policies. Students’ opinions are valued for the betterment of our school.

20240420 The 29th Shatin Primary Schools Maths Contest

The 29th Shatin Primary Schools Maths Contest organized by STMC has been held successfully thanks to all the participating primary schools’ teachers and students, our teachers and students, especially those Maths Club’s members who engage a lot in setting the questions. We would also like to show our heartfelt gratitude to our guest--our previous principal Mr. Ho. His speech is motivational, inspiring students to explore the amazing world of Maths more. After the exciting tests, here comes the results:

Champion Baptist (Sha Tin Wai) Lui Ming Choi Primary School
Champion PLK Dr. Jimmy Wong Chi-Ho (Tin Sum Valley) Primary School
Third prize Leung Kui Kau Lutheran Primary School
Third prize Immaculate Heart of Mary School
Congratulations to all the winners! We hope more primary schools will join our Maths contest, providing an opportunity for students to explore Maths.

20240419 RAC & LWL Day

RAC stands for Reading-across-curriculum while LWL stands for Life-wide learning. The RAC and LWL Day was successfully held on 19th April. The event manifests how much emphasis our school places on these two areas, encouraging students’ self-learning and enriching their learning experiences.
To promote reading, there were a book fair and a students’ book sharing session. The highlight of the reading event was the games stalls about poem appreciation, arousing students’ interest in literary texts.
Life-wide learning
To celebrate our students' fruitful learning outcomes, the Life-wide Learning event featured five brilliant presentations by our senior form students who shared their experiences and reflections on the overseas trips they took in this academic year. These trips included visits to Singapore, Macau, Hubei, Jeju, Germany, and Incheon. In addition, our junior form students had the opportunity to showcase their talents and skills acquired from the Life-wide learning lessons throughout the year. During the afternoon session, we were delighted to have Ms. Dora Choi, one of the directors of the movie 'To Be Continued' as our guest speaker. Our students enjoyed the movie and engaged in the meaningful discussion on heritage conservation in Hong Kong led by Ms. Choi.

20240418 Chinese Writing Course Sharing

After joining a Chinese writing course by a writer, our students share with us their pleasurable experiences in exploring and learning. They are amazed by a wide range of contents and writing skills they can make use of. Finally, they thank the writer for his creative approach to guide them in writing.

20240417 F5 Prospect Talk

The Careers Committee holds a prospect talk to motivate students to think and plan more for their future. In this talk, F5 students are introduced to a useful tool CII, which is an assessment related to Hong Kong careers and students’ interests and characters. By understanding themselves and careers in the market, students can set goals for future development.

20230410 4C’s Volunteer Work at Community Centre

Collaborating with the Methodist Church Social Services Centre, our school provides an opportunity for the whole Form 4 students to serve the community. Supported by social workers’ training, 4C students set up game and handcraft booths for children. They have learnt to spread love by serving others.

20240410 Study Tour Sharing and Prize Presentation

In the morning assembly, students share their reflection on their study tour to China, explaining how important some tourist sites are in Chinese History and Chinese Literature. We are pleased that students can learn outside the classroom and deepen their learning as active learners. Following the sharing is the prize presentation for the winners of Maths contests and sports events. Congratulations to all the winners. Their smiles show their gratification with their efforts and achievements.

20240408 Weekly Assembly: Dr Siu’s Sharing on Chinese Food Culture

In our weekly assembly, Dr Siu shares with us the history and fun parts of Chinese food culture, how it is related to literature and our daily life. Students are inspired and are eager to ask Dr Siu’s questions to learn more.

20240405 Ms Wong’s sharing

Thank Ms Wong for her touching sharing about her family and her faith in God. She is grateful for God’s companion and comfort during the challenging time of her family. Together with Ms Wong is her lovely class showing support by singing hymns with her, fun dancing and playing musical instruments. It is such a delightful picture to see their class unity and trust in God.

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