每月焦點 (2022年6月)

每月焦點 (2022年6月)

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20220630 Ms Chin’s Sharing in Weekly Assembly

We are honoured to have invited Ms Chin to share her valuable experience with us. She was a news reporter and has become an artist and a student at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Her real story of dream chasing is inspirational and her singing performance is absolutely marvellous! Students are inspired to find their interest and set their goal.

20220629 Mr Tsang’s Sharing in Morning Assembly

Mr Tsang, our Vice Principal and Biology teacher, shares with us the amazing science world and his belief. He explains why the world cannot exist without our creator God in a scientific and logical way.

20220627 Cross handicraft Workshop in RME Lesson

Making cross handicrafts, students are reminded of the love from Jesus Christ. In Religious and Moral Education lessons, students not only gain the knowledge from the Bible and theories of moral values, but they can also learn how to put them into practice in their daily life.

20220624 The 38th Graduation Ceremony

This cohort of F6 students have faced challenges posed by COVID-19 throughout all three senior school years. Thankfully, they have not been defeated, but made stronger and braver!

In the Graduation Ceremony, F6 students expressed their gratitude to their classmates, teachers and parents, thanking them for their company and support in their ups and downs. It’s hard to say goodbye to STMC, where their countless youth memories can be found. Yet, they were pleased to be blessed by Principal Cheung, all the teachers and the church members. Rev. Lam Chun gave an inspirational speech, encouraging the graduates to listen to their own heart and seek support from God.

With the support from all parties, the graduates felt grateful and empowered. Their parents and teachers were all delighted to share the joy with them!

20220623 Guidance Committee’s Prize Presentation

The campaign “Happy Campus” held by Guidance Committee was held successfully. Students enjoyed the activities and games while building friendship and positive attitude. In the prize presentation, the winners are happy to share their joy!

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20220622 "Self-Account" Talk

Applying for JUPAS (Joint University Programmes Admissions System), F5 students are requested to write a self-account to introduce themselves. In this talk, students are given guidelines on the requirements and how to present their best.

20220620 Ms Wong’s Sharing

Thank Ms Wong for her touching sharing! In the morning assembly, she shares with us her family story. We can feel her love for the family, and learn how difficulties can be turned into blessing.

20220617 School Visit SKH St Mary’s Church Mok Hing Yiu College

Principal Cheung, Vice Principals Mr Tsang, Ms Wong and other teachers pay a visit to the Arts Studio of SKH St Mary’s Church Mok Hing Yiu College, which provides a space for visual arts, literature and music. They can feel the power of arts and gain inspiration for arts development at our school.

 20220616 Say Thanks to Big Brothers and Sisters

We understand that F1 students find their new school unfamiliar and face challenges in the adaptation of secondary school life. Thankfully, a group of enthusiastic higher-form students play an active role of their big brothers and sisters. In this ceremony, F1 students say thanks to them and they recall their unforgettable memories together.

20220615 The Annual Best Prefect Election

The Annual Best Prefect Election was held in early June. Prefect Leaders have chosen the most outstanding prefect from their teams. The results were released in the Prefect Gathering on 15 June with our Principal, Ms Cheung.

In the gathering, Principal Cheung showed her recognition and appreciation towards the hard work from the Prefect Team. She encouraged the prefects to uphold their outstanding personal qualities and strive to be the models among STMC students.

Apart from the awardees, Principal Cheung and Mr Yeung the Discipline Master gave a note of thanks to the Head Prefect and Vice Head Prefects for their efforts and contributions in this academic year.

The Head Prefect, Vice Head Prefects were given a gift as encouragement. Principal Cheung also bought drinks for the prefects as a token of gratitude. The awardees are as follows:

2A Issac Wong
2A Casper Yeung
2A Jasmine Shum
2B Hurricane Mak
4B Kendrew Fung

20220615 Salute to Non-teaching staff

Our school cannot be run without our non-teaching staff! In this event, our students show their thankfulness to the office staff, janitors, social workers, laboratory and IT technicians, who have been supporting the school and students.

20220614 Weekly Assembly on "Difficulties Faced by the Poor"

In the weekly assembly, Mr. Chan shares with use the widening gap and the difficulties faced by the poor in Hong Kong. Students have gained a better understanding of this social issue and are inspired to show concern to the needy.

20220614 Graduation Dinner

F6 students and teachers enjoy the special event Graduation Dinner together! They celebrate their efforts together and the graduates show their heartfelt gratitude to their teachers, who have been supporting them throughout all the years.

20220613 F3 Interdisciplinary Project Presentation on Cultural Tourism

Congratulations to our winners, who had marvelous and remarkable performances in the F.3 Interdisciplinary Project: HK Cultural Tourism Competition. In it, students worked hard to be the best group in promoting a tourist spot of significant cultural values in Hong Kong with their DIY websites. Their learning outcomes showed that they had applied interdisciplinary knowledge across the Chinese Language, Chinese History, Computer, English Language and History subjects and utilised the 21st century's 6C skills (Character, Citizenship, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication) in their work.

20220610 Girls’ Brigade’s Sharing

Girls’ Brigade shares with us their happy moments and growth in the team in the morning assembly. Their belief is founded on Christian values, and they are grateful for the blessings from God.

20220609 Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund

Congratulations to Harry Yuen and Kevin Chen, who receive the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Scholarship for their outstanding academic performances and exemplary personal qualities. They are the role models for our students.

20220607 Prize Presentation of the English Panel

Congratulations to all the students for their outstanding performance in a large variety of English competitions! The junior-form and senior-form awardees are given prizes and souvenirs in recognition of their hard work and achievements. We are pleased to invite Principal Cheung and all the English Teachers to take photos with our awardees on stage to share the splendid moments together!

20220606 Fair Trade Campus Sales

In order to enhance students' understanding of the "fair trade" concept under globalization and cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit, the Departments of Economics and Business, Accounting & Financial Studies hold the Fair Trade Campus Sale, selling fair trade products.

Being entrepreneurs for the first time, the core group members are very excited. Besides selling products, they also distribute leaflets to schoolmates explaining the principles of fair trade. Our schoolmates and teachers support the event and respond enthusiastically.

Part of the profits from this sale will be donated to the organizations that promote fair trade, so that more students and the public can understand the concept of fair trade.

20220606 F4 Volunteer Work Ceremony

Working closely with Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service, STMC students take part in volunteer service to contribute to the society. They have learnt to show concern to the community and how to communicate with different parties.

20220602 Parent-child Communication Enhancement Service

The concept of “healthy communication between parents and children” is greatly promoted during different sessions. Parents are guided to reflect on their parenting styles and look for ways to consolidate their communication skills when interacting with their children. Having been introduced a better and effective communication model, parents are able to achieve a harmonious family relationship which can benefit them from better understanding the emotional needs of their children.

20220602 F.3 Careers Talk

Students transitioning from Form 3 to the senior-form curriculum may find it challenging to adapt to new learning stages. We are pleased to launch a Careers Talk to our students to give them some guidance on choosing their elective subjects and making their careers plans. A job-matching model is offered to the students to choose their preferred job categories and they highly engage in the talk.

20220601 Mr So’s Religious Sharing

Following the flag-raising ceremony led by Girls’ Brigade, Mr So from Sha Tin Methodist Church leads our students to worship God and sing hymns in the morning assembly. Our school has been co-operating with the church for students’ spirit development and character building.

202206 Prize Presentation of BAFS

Students are awarded with different prizes in recognition of their superb performances in BAFS. We are pleased to invite our School Principal and Vice Principals to present all the prizes and trophies to the students. We would like to thank all the BAFS Teachers for devoting their time and efforts to leading students to tackle all the individual and collaborative competitions.

20220630 Inter-Class DIY Recycled Bag Design Competition

To promote the concept of “Bring Your Own Bag for Shopping (BYOB)” to life, the Resources Committee held the Inter-Class DIY Recycled Bag Design Competition in June. A plain recycled bag was given to each class, and students shall put their creative designs on the bag by using all sorts of artistic skills like coloring, sewing, and pasting with the theme of reducing the use of plastic bags and conserving our planet. Thank you, Principal Ms. Cheung, Vice Principals Mrs. Wong, Mrs. Kwok, Mr. Tsang, and F.6 PTA member to be our judges and provide inspiring feedback. The best design for each form is 1B and 1E, 2A, 3B, 4C, and 5C. All the beautiful recycled bags are displayed in the 3/F corridor for promoting environmental conservation.

20220613 20220616 F4 Presentation on English Project "Filmlt"

In this English Project, all Form 4 students are required to produce a 1-minute film or a five-minute documentary with the theme – “Hope and Optimism”. F4 students make use of various skills, such as use of technology, cooperation, research, and communication skills. With great preparation, their English presentations have been accomplished ideally.

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