Discipline Committee

Discipline Committee


  1. To guide students to distinguish right from wrong and adhere to widely held axioms.
  2. To uphold the simple and honest ethos of the school.
  3. To foster shared moral values and shape exemplary characters in students so that they can become upright citizens.

Objectives for the year

  1. Strengthen students’ learning ownership and unleash learning potential by optimizing teaching and learning pedagogy.
  2. Open up global perspectives and deepen learning’s meaning by reimagining the curriculum.
  3. Nurture positive attitudes and let students live a flourishing life through positive education.

Committee Members

H.M.Yeung (Convenor), H.Y.Chan (Deputy Convenor), C.Hui, S.Y.Lau, Justin,  L.K.Wong, W.H.Wong, H.H.Tsang

Highlighted Activities

  1. Enhanced Smart Teen Project 22-23
    • Challenge Camp
    • Thai Boxing
    • Canoeing
  2. Prefects training 23-24
  3. Flag Raising training 22-23