Discipline Committee

Discipline Committee


  1. To guide students to distinguish right from wrong and adhere to widely held axioms.
  2. To uphold the simple and honest ethos of the school.
  3. To foster shared moral values and shape exemplary characters in students so that they can become upright citizens.

Objectives for the year

  1. To improve the perseverance of students so that they embrace challenges, stay put in difficult situations, and commit to achieving long-term goals.
  2. To nurture students who love oneself and others by cultivating gratitude at school
  3. To promote positive personal growth through training students to be self-disciplined and treat others with respect
  4. To showcase prefects’ capabilities and develop their sense of belonging

Highlighted Activities

Prefect Trainings


The Prefect Inauguration Ceremony


Prefect Gatherings


The Enhanced Smart Teen Project


“Participate in Sports, Stay Away from Drugs” Programme


Fire Drills