Religious Education Committee

Religious Education Committee


  1. Help students understand their own souls, find their own beliefs and the meaning of life.
  2. Guide students to know more about Christ, accept salvation and understand the truth of the Bible.
  3. Train students to practise the Christian spirit in life and behavior through understanding the values ​​of Christianity.
  4. Broaden students’ horizons and strengthen their sense of belonging to the school through weekly assemblies, morning assemblies and worship corresponding to the six aspects of students’ development (spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic).
  5. Coordinate the activities of various units in weekly and morning assemblies, establish an atmosphere of life education and good ethos at school.

School Motto (Proverbs 9:10)

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is insight. 

Annual goals

  1. Cultivate students to build up positive Christian life values
  2. Cultivate students’ spiritual growth
  3. Establish the testimony of the Christian group at school
  4. Cultivate the spirit of perseverance and gratitude, promote the attitude of not being afraid of failure and embracing challenges among students
  5. Strengthen students’ self-learning ability and enhance co-learning among them


 Yau Pui Wah (Convenor), Yu Lai Shuk Yee, Lau Kui Ting, Lam Man Ki