The aims of the Economics curriculum are to enable students to:

  1. To develop an interest in exploring human behaviour and social issues through an economic perspective;
  2. To understand the world in which they live through mastery of basic economic knowledge;.
  3. To enhance their general intellectual capacity for life-long learning, through developing their capacities in economic analysis, so that they possess the skills necessary for reasoning about issues and making rational choices; and;
  4. To participate as informed and responsible citizens in the decision-making processes of a modern democratic society.

Objectives for the year

  1. Strengthen students’ self-directed learning and peer learning capacity
  2. Facilitate experiential learning with flexible and lively application of knowledge and creativity
  3. Cultivate the spirit of grit, thankfulness and the attitude of embracing challenges with optimism

Some highlighted Activities

1. STMC Fair Trade Campus Sales

It is a cross-subject business experiential activity aiming at nurturing Entrepreneurial spirit in students. The planning and organizing of the ‘Fair Trade Campus Sale” is led by students.  They take charge of raising capital, choosing the products, placing on-line purchase orders, contacting suppliers, fixing price, packaging, designing posters, promotion, selling and making financial statement. Through the activity, the students can apply the economic and BAFS concepts and different generic skills in real life, such as creativity, communication and collaboration skills.

2. Financial workshops

Through interactive financial workshops, our students learn financial management concepts and skills which benefit them lifelong.

3. Business competitions

Through joining different business competitions, students can enrich their experience and broaden their horizon. For example, HKCC Business Excellence Contest, JA International Trade Challenge-Hong Kong Finals, JA x AEF GoDigital Youth Challenge and HK Secondary School Marketing Contest

4. Internships

Through taking part in internships, our students can gain valuable experience in workplace and better equip themselves for their future studies and career.

5. Board game

Junior form students learn the concept of personal finance through board game

Teachers Responsible

Ms.Chan Pui Lin, Ms. Chu Sau Ling

Highlighted Activities