We endeavour to cultivate the future leaders by engaging them into a wide range of English activities that not only maximise their potential in a global context but also enhance their proficiency in English, enabling them to effectively communicate with people all over the world.

Objectives for the Year

  1. To provide students with opportunities to enjoy using English in an authentic situation.
  2. To develop students’ competence in using English for communication confidently.
  3. To help students become independent English language learners beyond the curriculum.

Committee Members

P.H. Kam (Head of the English Panel)
M.Y. Au (Deputy Head of the English Panel)
H.H. Tsang (Head of English Ambassadors Society)
K.S. Chan (Head of 40th Anniversary English Musical Production)
Jason Shanahan (Coordinator of English Gifted Programme, Chief Editor of Skylark)
T.W. Tse  (Coordinator of English Speech Festival)
P. L. Yip  (Coach of STMC Debate Team and STMC MUN)
A. Garcia
C.Y. Chau
L.K. Choi
S. Cheung
R. Ng

Highlighted Activities