The overall aims of the English Language curriculum are:

  1. To develop students’ competence in using English for communication, study, work, pleasure and entertainment.
  2. To provide students with opportunities to use English.
  3. To provide students with opportunities to gain exposure to English.

New Senior Secondary Curriculum

The New Senior Secondary Curriculum (NSS) was adopted in September 2009.  The English Language Curriculum consists of a Compulsory Part and an Elective Part. The Compulsory Part includes the teaching of four language skills, grammar, communicative functions, vocabulary and text-types through a task-based approach. The Elective Part includes a range of extension modules that add variety to the curriculum and broaden students’ exposure. Starting from the cohort of F.4 students (2021-22), the senior secondary curriculum is optimized according to EB’s guidelines with further highlights on language across curriculum and the creative use of the language.

Junior Form Curriculum

The use of language arts in English teaching has been further enhanced by integrating more outside classroom activities, for example, enjoying in community services and attending professional drama performance into the formal curriculum.  Inter-class competitions focusing on different language arts activities have also been a tradition in our English classroom. With the change in the new syllabus, the use of multi-modal materials such as short stories, poems, films and songs has been increased in junior form teaching to facilitate students’ learning the language in different authentic contexts.


Ms. P. H. Kam (Panel Head), Ms. P.M. Cheung, Mr. A. A. Garcia, Ms. M. Y. Au, Mr. J. Shanahan, Mr. C. J. Ngai, Ms. C. Y. Chau, Ms. L. K. Choi, Mr. H. H. Tsang, Ms. S. Cheung

Highlighted Activities

Our students have participated in numerous inside and outside school activities to improve their English such as speech festival, model united nations, debate, pubic speaking, writing competitions, newspaper reporter program, video-shooting contests and a wide range of language arts activities (i.e. creative showcase, reader’s theatre, digital projects). English fun days and global culture days are held regularly for students to have fun while learning the cultural and language components.


Language arts activities: Creative Showcase




English Fun Day


Spelling Bee


Video Shooting Competition


Overseas Trip to Britain


Speech Festival