Academic Development Committee

Academic Development Committee


  1. Create a proactive and positive learning atmosphere at school
  2. Stretch students’ learning efficiency and potential
  3. Nurture students’ constructive learning habits and attitudes
  4. Plan and implement school-based academic policies in pursuit of academic excellence
  5. Support and facilitate subject panels’ academic plans and develop teachers’ teaching efficacy

Objectives of the year

  1. To strengthen students’ self-directed learning attitude and ability
  2. To increase peer learning capacity to boost up self-confidence, satisfaction and fulfilment
  3. To implement experiential learning activities to deepen, focus and sustain students’ essential (five) learning experiences


C. H. Wong (Convenor), L.M. Wong (Co-Convenor), P.H. Kam (Member & Secretary), W.L. Cheng, N.Y. Chai, Y.F. Lau, W.K. Tsang

學術發展理念- 校務計劃 (王許翠紅副校長) 2018

Highlighted Activities