Academic Development Committee

I. Aims

  1. Create a proactive and positive learning atmosphere at school
  2. Stretch students’ learning efficiency and potential
  3. Nurture students’ constructive learning habits and attitudes
  4. Plan and implement school-based academic policies in pursuit of academic excellence
  5. Support and facilitate subject panels’ academic plans and develop teachers’ teaching efficacy

II. Analysis of the present scenario

  1. The students are of high caliber in terms of academic level and public assessments. Most of the students show an eagerness to learn.
  2. The teachers are experienced in teaching. The school-based curriculum such as the Liberal studies, English, Chinese, and Gifted education are well developed.
  3. In the past few years, the use of ipad, eplatforms and eApps in teaching and learning are more frequent, facilitating a more interactive pedagogy and quick feedback. It also prepares for the BYOD.
  4.  Small groups are arranged in the 4 main core subjects whenever resources are available, to stretch the talented and consolidate the academic foundation.
  5. There has been a greater learning diversity in recent years, rendering the teachers more effort to deal with. Some students in junior forms are lack of self-learning habits in study. So, self-learning and peer learning can be adopted to achieve a better learning outcome.
  6.  Under the present senior secondary education system, many students find the academic assignments demanding and they also join a lot of other learning experiences. These always lead to time clashes and caused students great pressure. So, it is suggested that a habit of self-reflection of own study plan and paces is needed to facilitate our students to overcome the study challenges.

III. Objectives for the year

  1. Strengthen students’ ability of self and peer learning
  2. Facilitate experiential learning in all subject panels
  3. Promote the active and effective use of BYOD


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Teachers Responsible

C.H. Wong (Convenor), C.C. Yu (Deputy), L.M. Wong(Deputy), N.Y. Chai (member & Secretary), W.L. Cheng, P.H. Kam, W.K. Tsang