Integrated Science

Integrated Science


  1. Enable students to develop an interest and enjoyment in science world and become life-long learner in science.
  2. Enable students to acquire the six essential science process skills which can help them to bridge with the DSE science curricula.
  3. Students would increase the awareness of the social issues and their environmental and technological implications of science.

Objectives of the years

  1. To strengthen students’ self and peer learning ability in learning science.
  2. To facilitate experiential learning with flexible application of knowledge and creativity.
  3. To cultivate the spirit of grit, thankfulness and the attitude of embracing challenges with optimism.


W.K.Tsang(Convenor), M.K.Lam, K.T. Lau, W.S.Lo, K.W. Wong, H.M.Yeung

Highlighted Activities

Croucher Science Week

IS Croucher Science Week

Field Study

IS Field Study

Rocket Car Competition

IS Rocket Car Competition

Coral Workshop

IS Coral Workshop