Life Education

Life Education


  1. To guide students in their exploration of the meaning and value of life so that they will treasure life, unleash their potential, grow healthily and lead a bountiful life.
  2. Cultivating the spirit of grit, develop students’ growth mindset, assist students to treasure effort and foster the attitude of embracing challenges.
  3. Nurturing students’ gratitude to let students count their blessings and have a grateful heart to face difficulties.

Objectives for the Year

  1. Promote positive education (PERMAH) to facilitate students to establish positive values, develop positive relationship, positive engagement and positive health to enhance their well-being.
  2. Facilitate the nurture of positive class culture and boost students’ sense of belonging towards their class.
  3. Advocate positive education, promote Positive Relationships and Positive Health through implementing 7 wellness.

Life education

Since 2005, life education has been a major focus in the school’s development. It is implemented through the formal, informal and the hidden curriculums. The goal of life education is to guide students in their exploration of the meaning and value of life so that they will treasure life, unleash their potentials, grow healthily and lead a bountiful life. The Life Tree symbolizes life and represents the essence and value of life education with its three parts, which stand for: the source of life, the power of life and the colors of life.

The implementation of Life Education

Life education will be implemented through the formal curriculum, the informal curriculum and the hidden curriculum.

The essence of Life Education:

  1. The Source of Life: to explore the relationship between God and humans.
  2. The Power of Life: to explore the relationship between one and oneself, one and others and one and the environment.
  3. The Colors of Life: to incorporate the elements of cognition, emotion, will and behavior in life education and to teach students to appreciate, respect and love life so that they can exhibit the vibrancy of life and live an ample and joyful life
The Source of Life Knowing God
  • to help students in their pursuit for their faith and cultivate in them life values based on Christianity
  Seeking truth
  • to guide students in their exploration of the meaning and value of life so that they will continue to look for truth in different areas of learning
  Unique life
  • to let students exhibit their uniqueness while accepting, appreciating and transcending themselves
The Power of Life Setting goals
  • to assist students in setting up their life goals and directions through widening their horizons and equipping themselves
  Harnessing potential
  • to help students unlock their potentials
  Leading a balanced life
  • to help students in the cultivation of hobbies and interests as well as an appreciation of the beauty in life
  Perseverance and righteousness
  • to strengthen students’ tenacity and cultivate in them a positive life attitude
  • to teach students to uphold their personal beliefs
  Love and respect
  •  to help students become a compassionate and caring person who can respect individual differences, offer support to their peers, and give their concern to global matters
The Colours of life Care and commitment
  • to establish in students’ civic responsibility and care for the society, the environment and the world so that they can contribute to the school, the community, the society and the country.
  Modesty and gratitude
  • to learn to be modest and grateful
  • to learn to respect and treasure life

Committee Members

Ms. M.H Wong (Convenor), Ms. P.W.Yau, Mr. H.M. Yeung, 

Ms. C.W. Chan, Ms. L. S. Fan, Ms. Y.Y. Ng, Ms. S.Y. Lau


Highlighted Activities

Ice cream car
Ice cream car
Wellness Day
Wellness Day
F.1 Benediction ceremony
F.1 Benediction ceremony
F.4 Growth Camp
F.4 Growth Camp
F.6 Celebration of Adulthood
F.6 Celebration of Adulthood