Highlights of the Month (July 2022)

Highlights of the Month (July 2022)

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20220724 The Dedication Ceremony of Girls’ Brigade and Boys’ Brigade

The Dedication Ceremony was held smoothly on 24th July 2022. It was a joint event of the Boys’ Brigade of the Sha Tin Methodist Church and the Girls’ Brigade of our school. This year, we invited Rev. Dr. Li Ping-kwong to review our parade in the ceremony. Rev. Li showed appreciation to the dedication and enthusiasm of the leaders and members. In the prize presentation ceremony, Principal Cheung and the officers from the two brigades praised the unremitting efforts and outstanding performances of the award winners. Although the Boys’ Brigade and the Girls’ Brigade have different award systems, we both take Christian belief as the foundation to nurture the characters and leadership of our members and this ceremony is to remind them of their unique identities and show recognition to their growth. This year is a special year for our school Girls’ Brigade as the advisor Mrs. Yu, who has been devoting to the team since its establishment, is going to retire this year. We showed our heartfelt thanks to her and wished her a fulfilling and happy retirement life.

20220721 DSE Best Students

We’d like to congratulate on the academic achievements of F.6 students. The top scorers of DSE are Harry Yuen, Neville Leung, Adrian Chan, Kenny Ho, Kevin Chen, Vincent Lam, Nathaniel Yip, William Chan and Candy Chung (from left to right). Their efforts and performances are highly recognized and they serve as role models for our students.

20220720 DSE Results Release

Before the distribution of DSE results reports, the church, Principal Cheung, Vice Principals, form teachers and social workers are all here to support F6 students. We hope they can feel our support no matter how their results are. They’re not alone! We always walk with them!

20220716 Talk before DSE Results Release

Before the DSE results release day, the Careers Committee holds a talk, not only giving F6 students practical information for further studies, but also psychological and spiritual support.

20220708 Quality Education Fund Thematic Networks Seminar

We are pleased that the QEF Thematic Networks Seminar has been held successfully at our school. In the seminar, the network schools share good practices derived from QEF funds. We all aim to contribute to better learning and teaching.

20220705 Staff Development Day

On Staff Development Day, we teachers visit World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Sai Kung Centre. After enjoying a cruise to see coral, we learn more about the selection of environmentally-friendly seafood. We wish to pass the knowledge and value to the younger generation so that we can all contribute to wildlife conservation.

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