Highlights of the Month (September 2022)

Highlights of the Month (September 2022)

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20220930 English Room and Student Activity Room

We’re delighted to announce that two newly-renovated special rooms are open to students. Student Activity Room is spacious and designed for multi-purposes, from having meetings, practising drama to playing sports. Another new room is English Room. The theme is “English—Your Window to the World”, which is to encourage students to open up their global perspective by making use of English as a communication medium.

20220929 Morning Assembly in Celebration of National Day

In celebration of National Day, a solemn flag-raising ceremony is held. It is followed by Principal Cheung’s sincere sharing about her understanding of China in different stages.

20220928 Filmit Presentation

In the weekly assembly, F5 students show their self-directed and edited videos, and give presentation on the topic “Challenges and Optimism” in English. They emphasize the importance of positive attitude in the face of difficult time!

20220927 Assembly Hong Kong Cultural Tourism Project

This year, F3 students are doing an interdisciplinary project on Hong Kong cultural tourism. In exploration of some Hong Kong tourist and historical spots, they can examine the history and development of Hong Kong, and gain insights into the mutual relationship between the city development and cultural preservation.

The project starts with an intriguing talk, in which Ms Susanna Siu, the Executive Secretary from the Antiquities and Monuments Office, presents some interesting facts of the education development and heritage in Hong Kong. Students are interested and engaged in the talk. We hope their interest can be turned into passion for learning.

20220926 Inauguration of English Embassadors

A large group of English Ambassadors vow to create an English learning environment and serve the schoolmates. They are not just English lovers aiming to brush up their own English, but willing to engage others in the same way!

20220923 沙田區中學生創科體驗日


20220921 Inauguration of Big Brothers and Sisters

We’re grateful that a group of caring higher-form students are willing and eager to become big brothers and sisters of F1 students. They are angels to those F1 students who are not familiar with the new learning environment. May God grant the big brothers and sisters love and wisdom to take care of the freshmen. May God also grant F1 students the courage and faith in the new stage.

20220916 Inauguration of Academic Prefects

Academic performance not only relies on teacher’s dedication, but also lies in students’ discipline and passion for learning. In each class, there is an Academic Prefect to promote positive learning attitude and keep up the learning spirit. Taking the morning assembly as a platform, Principal Cheung and Vice Principal Mr Tsang show gratitude to the Academic Prefects and ensure their importance in promoting learning atmosphere.

20220916 Christian Union

This year, we are grateful to have a face-to-face Christian Union. Rev Wong shared religious messages and the Fellowship led the hymn singing, making this a fruitful and joyful event.

Everyone’s participation also counted. Students and teachers explored the beauty of our campus and took pictures echoing the theme “Mercy and Goodness”. Feeling the grace of God is not limited to anything big and grand, but more to do with our surroundings and daily life.

The last session was a sharing. Students and teachers shared in groups their encounters with God or goodness. Also, sharing their own uniqueness, they counted the blessings in their life.

We hope students can be inspired to feel the beauty surrounding them and build up a thankful heart.

20220913 Inauguration of Prefects

The Prefect Team is a bridge for communication between students and school. We are pleased to have a group of responsible students taking up this role. In the inauguration, the Head Prefect Austin Lau (5A) and the Vice Head Prefect Donald Tong (5B) lead the Prefect Team to make a vow to commit themselves to serving the school and schoolmates, and keeping an ideal learning atmosphere.
They work together for a common goal. Their Team includes:
Prefect Leaders:
4C Grace Tong, 4D Vivian Man, 4C Tracy Tsoi, 5B Kendrew Fung, 5D Tom To
Prefect Vice Leaders:
3D Issac Wong, 3D Owen Chan, 4B Pasu Tse, 3B Hurricane Mak, 3B Caspar Yeung

20220908 Training of Monitors and Monitresses

For the harmony and order of each class, monitors and monitresses play a key role. Supported by the Discipline Committee, they are trained to be leaders of their classes. Principal Cheung and Discipline Master Mr Yeung are also there to show appreciation to their commitment and stress the importance of their leader role.

20220907 Big Brothers and Sisters Training

We are glad to have a group of caring and enthusiastic students who devote to being company of our new F1 students. In addition to their serving heart, they are equipped with skills to get along with F1 students, detect their emotional needs, and provide help and support whenever possible.

20220906 Morning Assembly—Sharing by Principal Cheung

The first morning assembly starts with a flag-raising ceremony and is followed by Principal Cheung’s inspirational sharing. Our Principal takes this opportunity to lead students to sing hymns and worship God.

20220905 Gifted Education Programme Opening Ceremony

We are pleased to announce the commencement of our school-based Gifted Programme. In the programme, students can explore different fields of knowledge in depth. Ms Lo and Principal encourage students to be active learners and enjoy learning.

20220902 Form 1 Bridging Program

Our new comers, F.1 students were invited to attend a bridging program at hall on 2/9. It was hoped that through the program, F.1 students would be clear about the school rules concerning general discipline and the use of iPad at school. Most importantly, learning expectations and study tips were also shared. Two F.3 students shared their experience of the adaptation of English as the medium of instruction and making new friends in F.1. They stressed the importance of taking notes in every subject and showed that they are real active learners. All rules and regulations are meant to create an ideal learning environment and facilitate our students to learn better! Wish all the best to our F.1 students!

20220901 Staff Photo

Let us all teachers gather together to take some lovely pictures to start our very first day of school this year! Together, we take photos; together, we support each other!

20220901 Beginning of School Year Service

In the Beginning of School Year Service, we thank God for the blessings granted to STMC in the previous years, and pray for a safe and fulfilling year ahead. In the service, candles are lit up to represent our hope and faith in God. Rev. Wong preaches us with the wisdom of the Bible and Principal Cheung encourages us with her sincere heart.

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