Highlights of the Month (November 2022)

Highlights of the Month (November 2022)

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20221130 Junior Form Cyclic Assembly Fair Trade

With more understanding of the cocoa beans and chocolate trade, students are more aware of their roles as responsible consumers and global citizens.

20221125 Academic Sharing

Learning is not only about attitude, but also skills and strategies. In the morning assembly, some students who excel academically share their study tips with others. Students learn from each other and help each other to grow and improve!

20221124 CUHK "Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development Proposal Competition"

Our students participate in environmental education activities actively. This time, four F3 students joined the "Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development Proposal Competition" organized by the Office of Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development of CUHK and the CUHK Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change. Through this event, they could gain more understanding of the UN's "Sustainable Development Goals", especially SDG Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production. Meanwhile, they were guided to conceive and implement solutions through Design Thinking to deal with the flood of plastic use in today's consumer culture. Most importantly, they have learnt to become responsible global citizens.

They won “The Most Creative Proposal Award”, receiving a book coupon and certificates from the Vice Principal Mr Ng from CUHK. In addition, they were given an opportunity to present their proposal in the prize-presenting ceremony on 24 November at CUHK. Congratulations to all winners. We hope they can serve as inspirations for other students to participate actively in related activities and excel in competitions outside school.


20221122 Morning Assembly Student Fellowship

The students from the Fellowship feel blessed to be in this group as they get support and care from each other and the teacher advisors with God’s love. They’re glad to take this opportunity to share their joy and peace with the schoolmates, leading them to sing and pray. After their sharing, the prizes for Inter-class Display Board Design Competition and WhatsApp Sticker Competition are presented. The winners are proud to contribute to the school’s environment and build support using their personally-designed stickers on WhatsApp.

20221122-23 F6 Adulthood Ceremony

This ceremony is a celebration of F6 students’ growth and a reminder about their growing responsibilities, blessed and witnessed by their parents, teachers, the Principal and church. The foot-washing ritual, performed by their teachers, Principal Cheung and the pastors, symbolizes their servant leaders’ hearts. We hope F6 students can also hold a serving heart while taking important roles at school and society. Another ritual is candle-lighting, which symbolizes the hope, love and support that students have for each other as well as those from their family, school and church. May the source of love support them throughout their life.

20221121 Science Gifted Team Activity

17 F.3 Science gifted students joined the program ‘bE inspired !2022’ organized by Junior Achievement (JA) HK and Arup on 21st November,2022. They were accompanied by Mrs. Wong, our Vice Principal. Through engaging in the workshops led by Arup engineers and the outings to two Engineering landmarks, ie the M+ Museum and CIC Zero Carbon Park in the whole afternoon, the students enjoyed greatly and appreciated the impact of engineering and innovation, such as the Modular integrated Construction and fire engineering to our community. Thank Ms. Lo, our Gifted Education Coordinator for recommending our students to join such an eye-opening program and making preparations for it.

20221117 Morning Assembly Graduates’ Sharing

Our graduates Yip Tsz Hei and Chan Ming Hei are pleased to come back to STMC again, not as a secondary student, but with the new role. They share study tips and university life with the schoolmates and encourage them to set goals and do the best!

20221116 Cyclic Assemblies Hong Kong Ecological Environment

Thanks Mr Samson So, who is dedicated to environmental education, for being our guest speaker in both the junior and senior forms assemblies! He has exposed our students to the amazing world of Hong Kong ecological environment and has raised their awareness of environmental protection and conservation.

20221115 Junior Form Assembly: How to identify Fake Information

Thank Dr Tsang for her talk on “How to identify Fake Information”, which equips students with the knowledge and skills to distinguish between fake and real information in the online world full of misinformation. To be independent learners who keep learning beyond the walls of the classrooms, this is an essential skill that students must master.

2022111011 40th Athletics Meetings

We’re grateful that the Athletics Meetings can finally be held despite the outbreak of COVID. We do miss our treasurable time to do sports and simply enjoy our time being together with our schoolmates and teachers. For the success of such a big event, we would like to thank all the parties involved including the PE Panel, all the teacher and student helpers, Campus TV, Girls’ Brigade, St. John Ambulance and of course all the enthusiastic cheering teams and participants! We can see the school unity with a concerted effort!

20221109 Morning Assembly by Ms Wong

In the morning assembly, Vice Principal Ms Wong shares with us the meaning of love in the Bible, and more importantly how it can be practised in our real life. Besides, Mr Shanahan shared with us the significance of National Poppy Day, which is to honor the sacrifice of the soldiers in WWI. Students can learn more about world history and the importance of peace.

20221126 F6 Prospect Consultation Day

Thank the Careers Committee for preparing Prospect Consultation Day for F6 students and their parents. Some Hong Kong tertiary institutions and an overseas studies consultancy have been invited to our school to provide them with more information and answer their queries.

20221112 Joint-School University Interview Workshop and Exhibition

Our senior form students are eager to explore more about further studies in tertiary institutions. Taking this opportunity, they can learn more about different university disciplines and practise interviews for university entrance.

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