Highlights of the Month (July 2023)

Highlights of the Month (July 2023)

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20230724 Snorkelling for Biology Students

Studying Biology is not limited to hard facts from textbooks only. Instead, it is also related to appreciation of the beauty of life and nature. Biology students take this chance to admire the beauty of the sea while exploring the marine ecology.

20230722 F1 Parents’ Talk

Knowing that F1 parents may have doubts and worries about their children’s new stage, a parents’ talk is held. With some information and guidance from different parties including Principal, Vice Principals, Guidance Committee, Discipline Committee, PTA and the teacher in change of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Scheme, the parents feel more assured. We hope our school can cooperate well with all the parents for the best of students’ development.

20230720 DSE Best student

Students’ achievements deserve our praise. We’re glad that these students’ perseverance and efforts eventually pay off, achieving outstanding results in DSE. Principal Cheung, Vice Principals Mrs Wong and Mr Tsang are here to share their joy.

20230715 DSE Results Release Talk

In face of the release of DSE results, students and their parents may have different concerns. Seeing their needs, the Careers Committee holds a talk for them. With the support and information from Principal Cheung, the church, the form teachers and social workers, they are more prepared practically and mentally.

20230715 Hong Kong Creative Maths - Science 4D Frame Competition

Our school sent two teams of three students to participate in "Hong Kong Creative Maths & Science 4D Frame Competition" organized by the Hong Kong Federation Youth Groups. The teams used the materials provided by the organizer and applied their knowledge of STEM to create 4D Frame models that showcased their creative problem-solving solutions within a designated time frame. They went through the creative process and task challenges. They were also given an opportunity to explain to the judges the mathematical & scientific concepts and engineering principles behind the 4D Frame structures. Congratulations to the two teams of students who stood out from 39 junior-form teams and received the Silver Award in this competition. The teams will represent Hong Kong to compete with other teams from different parts of the globe in "International Mathematical Science & Creativity Competition” (IMSCC) at the Gwacheon National Science Museum in Seoul, South Korea on October 20.

20230713-15 Life Camp by Religious Committee

Our church and teachers are eager to contribute to student personal growth. In the Life Camp, students can learn more about self-identities, build up friendships and reflect on their spiritual growth and life direction through a range of games, sharing and activities.

20230707 Farewell to Teachers and Staff

At the end of an academic year, we have to say farewells to some teachers and staff who are leaving STMC for various reasons. Some are starting a new job while some are retiring. No matter where they go, we wish them all the best to embark on their new journey.

20230705 F5 Shenzhen Visit

Taking this opportunity to visit Shenzhen, F5 students can gain a better understanding of the innovation & technology development and traditional culture of China. Students are inspired to build up a sense of belonging to their home country and encouraged to explore it further.

20230704 F5 Life Planning Workshop

Life Planning is a broad topic which comprises further studies, future careers, family planning and many other aspects. To introduce these concepts, F5 students have an opportunity to go through these key stages of their lives in this social simulation workshop. We hope they can learn to plan better for their future through this workshop.

20230704 F2 Rock Climbing

After the final exam, F2 students can relax and enjoy a fun yet challenging activity—rock climbing with their classmates. Through this activity, students can learn how to break through themselves with their courage and peer support.

20230703 F3 Financial Management Workshop

Seeing the importance of financial management skills, a related workshop which is organized by Hong Kong Family Welfare Society (HKFWS) is held at STMC. Rather than learning some hard facts of these life skills, students can practise how to manage their money in a mock society setting. They find the workshop interesting and inspiring.

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