Highlights of the Month (September 2023)

Highlights of the Month (September 2023)

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20230929 Mindfulness Workshop

Facing a busy life is a challenge for many Hong Kong students, so how can they handle it? “Mindfulness”, which is a skill to focus on one’s own mind in the present moment, is introduced at STMC. With this practice, students can feel relaxed and refreshed despite the fast pace of life.

20230929 F5 Lwl Human Library

To align with one of the major concerns of our annual school plan, we aim to broaden students’ global vision. Rather than reading books from a traditional library, F5 students can communicate face-to-face with people from different countries in this “Human Library” event, learning more about various important issues across the world.

20230928 National Day Assembly

To celebrate the National Day, a flag-raising ceremony is held. During this special assembly, Principal Cheung shares her learning experiences in different parts of China, reflecting on the strong bond between Hong Kong and the Mainland and inspiring students to gain a better understanding of our home country.

20230927 JUPAS briefing

With updated information on JUPAS provided by the Careers Committee, F6 students can make better planning and decisions for the further studies.

20230926 F5 History Group Explores Japanese Culture Through Experiential Learning with Mrs. Wong

On Friday, September 26th, under the guidance of their teacher, Mrs. Wong, the F5 History group embarked on an enriching experiential learning journey led by the Hong Kong Japanese Culture Society. The day has proved to be a remarkable experience for the students. Engaging in various activities, such as the tea ceremony, practicing the Bushido spirit through sword fighting, and trying their hand at archery, the students were captivated by the depth and intricacies of Japanese culture. The activity has left a lasting impression, fostering a newfound appreciation for Japanese heritage among them.

20230926 Inauguration Assembly

On 26 September, we have the inauguration of the Student Union, Prefects, Academic Prefects, English Ambassadors, Student Fellowship, Sports Association, Campus TV, and Big Brothers and Sisters. Nearly 200 student leaders were involved.

20230922 PTA BBQ

Eventually, our annual BBQ held by Parent-Teacher Association resumes. After the pandemic, students, parents and teachers can enjoy BBQ together. We share our joy and enjoy each other’s company, knowing that we are a team in students’ personal growth.

20230919-22 Club Expo

School-life can be fun with various clubs and teams. In the Expo, students promote their clubs and teams to other students, igniting others’ passion to build up interests and learn outside classroom.

20230919 F3 COA Briefing

The Careers Committee aims to guide students to plan for their further studies and future careers. COA, which stands for Cambridge Occupational Analysts, is a test introduced by the committee for F3 students to understand their characters and strengths, as well as their inclinations to certain academic and career fields.

20230915 Christian Union

We’re grateful that the Religious Committee has held a Christian Union to start our school year. The theme of Christian Union of this year is “A Good Life”. First, we have worship led by students. Then, we have some messages from Assistant School Chaplain, Mr. K.H. Ng. At the end, we pray for students of each form and teachers. May God’s words and power be with all of us throughout this year.

20230915 RaC Lunch Promotion

Aiming to arouse students’ interest in reading across curriculum, a promotion is set up to introduce some quality resources for students to learn actively. Fountain Tree Journal and Wiseman e-reading are some highlights of the year for students to enjoy reading while SCMP Journalist Scheme provides a platform for students to learn to write professionally.

20230913 Eraser Poetry Workshop

Language art is an essential element for language learning. Guided by Story Jungle, students learn how to create their own poems using existing texts. Why do students find eraser poems so different from ordinary ones? Instead of writing a poem totally in their own words, students erase a text and leave some remaining words as a poem. Students enjoy themselves while making use of their creativity.

20230912 RaC Plant Bookmark Workshop

Reading across Curriculum (RaC) Committee encourages students to read broadly to broaden their horizons. In this workshop, students make their own bookmarks with dried leaves and flowers. With a unique bookmark, we hope students can start their reading journey to a bigger world!

20230911 School-Based Gifted Programme

“Learning without walls” and “Learning beyond tomorrow” are not only slogans for STMC, but the spirit is put into practice through various schemes, one of which is “School-Based Gifted Programme”. Students gifted in different aspects, such as Chinese, English, Maths and STEM can specialize in their strengths and further explore their potential.

20230911 Awards to Wiseman’s top scorers

Not only do our students learn within lesson time, but they are also committed to self-learning from quality online resources promoted by RAC (Reading across curriculum) Committee. Those top scorers in Wiseman’s online English learning scheme are awarded with prizes in the morning assembly, encouraging these winners to keep it up and other students to engage in the same way!

20230906 Welcome Back to School with Mobile Ice-cream Vans

Our school celebrates 40th Anniversary in this academic year. To show a special welcome to everyone back to school and implement “love well”, we have arranged two ice-cream cars in school to distribute ice-cream to all the staff and students on Class Affairs Day. We thank God for preparing a fine weather on that day. All the members of our school enjoy eating ice-cream, taking photos and we all share the joyful moment together. “Gratitude, Love, Legacy” is the slogan of 40th Anniversary of our school. Let’s begin our school year with gratitude, love, and joy.

202309 Reading-across-Curriculum Week

To celebrate 40th anniversary of our school and align with the current curriculum, this year’s RAC week is titled, “Nature”. A series of activities are held including promoting and reading the updated issues of our digital journal entitle with the name of our school’s iconic tree, the Fountain Tree, holding an assembly of students’ sharing on cross-curricular projects, prize presentation on an e-reading platform and summer challenge, launching the plant bookmark workshop, erasure poetry workshop, haiku challenge, a lunchtime pop-up stall and online discussion forums on an award-winning story about an SEN student and the school tree. These activities highlight the natural connection among different subjects and facilitate the growth of students’ knowledge on language and non-language subjects.

2023-09 Good news from Shatin Outstanding Students Election

Aligning with our school’s mission to train servant leaders, serving the school and community with a humble heart as a leader, we are honoured to receive news from “Shatin Outstanding Students Election”, in which our student leaders Tsoi Hiu Ying and Nicole are awarded with “Outstanding Student Awards” while Lam Yan Ho and Lau Chun Yin have successfully made to the finalists. Their outstanding performance in academics and leadership are recognized, serving as role models for our schoolmates.

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