Highlights of the Month (October 2023)

Highlights of the Month (October 2023)

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20231025 F6 Interview Skills Talk

To expose F6 students to the new trend of university admission, a workshop is held by our Careers Committee. Our experienced teachers and the experts from Hok Yau Club give concrete information on some admission schemes and share practical skills for interviews so that the students are more confident and prepared.

20231021 Alumni Sharing for anniversary video

To celebrate the 40th anniversary and record the school development, a special video is being produced. Alumni are invited to be filmed, sharing their beautiful memories and fruitful career experiences.

20231020 F1 Benediction Ceremony

Entering secondary school is the rite of passage for all F1 students. They face new opportunities. They face new challenges. However, never are they alone! In the Benediction Ceremony, F1 students are blessed with the love from their schoolmates, parents, teachers and the Methodist Church. With the support, they are empowered to face the new stage!

20231017 Let's celebrate our 40th anniversary

In celebration of the school’s 40th Anniversary, a series of activities has been in progress. Here, we are excited to announce that our school mascot, which represents our school spirit, has finally come out! Congratulations to the mascot designer, our alumni Chan Chun Wai Matthew! Our celebration, of course, doesn’t stop here. All the teachers and students pose and cheer for the anniversary video and album! We all share the joy together!

20231017 Chinese Literary Awards

Encouraged to appreciate Chinese literature, quite a number of students have developed passion for writing. Some students are awarded with prizes for their literary works in an inter-school writing competition. Principal Cheung and their teachers are pleased to share their joy in the prize presentation ceremony, showing support to them.

20201016 Morning Assembly “Filmit”

Our F5 students have joined the “Filmit” Contest themed “Ode to life: A World of Possibility” organized by EDB. In the project, they can make use of English creatively through presentation and filmmaking while building up positive values in love for the country, love for the natural world, love for their family and friends, and love for learning.

20231013 PTA Inauguration Ceremony, F1 and F6 Parents' Talk

Thanks to our supportive parents for joining the Parent-Teacher Association. Not only are they active in their children’s personal development, but they are also devoted to the school development. In the Inauguration Ceremony, we teachers and parents show support to each other. Taking this opportunity, we teachers and F2-5 parents learn together from a talk on the recent development of Artificial intelligence in education. For F1 parents, there is a sharing session with the class and assistant class teachers. For F6 parents, a special talk is organized for them to understand the possible future study paths for their children.

20231011 “Yakult” as a token of encouragement

Faced with the upcoming DSE exam, F6 students may feel uncertain or even stressed, but we want to let them know they are not alone. Principal Cheung, Vice principals Mrs Wong, Mrs Kwok and Mr Tsang, give F6 students Yakult, symbolizing the school’s support to them. Principal and Vice Principals also step into their classrooms to give them words of encouragement and listen to their concerns.

20231011 Cambridge Occupational Analysts (COA) debriefing

The debriefing talk held by the Careers Committee aims to analyze the data retrieved from the COA test that F3 students did earlier. Based on these objective data, we hope students can make informed decisions on their further studies as they are going to choose the field to study for F4 New Senior Secondary (NSS) studies.

20231006 Visit to Kowloon Methodist Church

In the visit to Kowloon Methodist Church, students have a chance to see the Church’s Grace Gallery and know more about their Youth Programme. Students are inspired to think about their spiritual growth and life direction.

20231005 Talk on HK Cultural Heritage

One highlight of F3 curriculum is the inter-disciplinary project themed “Hong Kong Cultural Tourism”, which involves not only the English Language subject, but also Chinese History, History, Chinese Language and Computer Literacy. To kick off the project, we are honoured to have Dr Ting Sun Pao, a respected scholar to share with us the cultural heritage of Hong Kong.

20231004 Morning Assembly: Religious Sharing by Ms Wong

Thank Ms Wong for her sharing on how she has built up faith in God in spite of her illness. She is also grateful for the love and support she has received from other teachers throughout her difficult time. All teachers and students are indeed impressed by her sincere sharing.

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