Highlights of the Month (February 2024)

Highlights of the Month (February 2024)

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20240228 Talk on Biodiversity Space Exposed Seeds Program

To raise students’ awareness of global issues and enrich their knowledge on Innovation and Technology, the Academic Development Committee has invited Professor Karen Q. Cheung, the Director of Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development and the President of UNESCO Hong Kong Association, to share with our students the effects of space conditions on the germination and growth of plant seeds and how it contributes to the development of sustainable food production. Our school is delighted to have received a batch of space-exposed seeds for science education, providing students with hands-on experiential learning opportunities.

20240227 Sharing by Student Fellowship & Prize Presentation of Anniversary Writing Contest

We are pleased to have the Student Fellowship to share with us their thrilling and inspiring experiences in the Life Camp where they could build up unity among themselves and faith in God. Taking this opportunity, we proudly present prizes to the winners of the 40th Anniversary Chinese and English Writing Contest on the theme “Love Gratitude Legacy”. Their writings are posted at the school entrance for everyone to read and enjoy.

20240220-24 Fair Trade

By participating in the Fair Trade Campus Sale, students studying BAFS and Economics can put their knowledge into action. This event not only allows them to apply their expertise, but also helps cultivate awareness among our schoolmates regarding their responsibilities as conscientious consumers. This initiative highlights the importance of fair trade in fostering sustainable trade relationships and supporting producers in developing countries.

20240206 Hymn Sharing by Girls’ Brigade

A group of enthusiastic Girls’ Brigade members are delighted to lead us to sing a hymn to praise God, expressing their sincere gratitude for their fruitful experiences in the team and the spiritual growth in the religion.

20240203 Mountaineering Course by Discipline Committee

The Level 1 Mountaineering Course, organized by the Discipline Committee, has been held successfully. After attending a three-hour theoretical class, these students completed the practical sessions of the Course on two consecutive Saturdays. During the sessions, they could put the theories of mountain safety into practice, including making use of basic hiking equipment, planning hiking trips, mapping routes, dealing with emergencies in the mountains, and learning how to use maps and compasses effectively.

20240203 Board Game Experiential Day

Board Game Experiential Day is an activity co-organized by Community Youth Club and STMC. Primary school students are invited to join this special day and they can learn how to make use of strategies and logical skills to play some board games while gaining some knowledge in Maths and marine life. Students can enjoy the fun and thrill of the games while learning actively.

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