Highlights of the Month (January 2024)

Highlights of the Month (January 2024)

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20240130 Week assembly- How to argue elegantly

An assembly about “How to argue elegantly” is held by the Chinese Language Panel for junior-form students. Thanks to the speaker Mr Chu’s inspirational sharing, students gain a more in-depth understanding of debating in term of research, logical thinking, rhetorical skills, etc. Some debating contests will be coming up for students to put what they have learnt into practice.

20240129 Rehearsal by Drama Club

In preparation for Inter-school Drama Festival, our school’s Drama Society cooperates with Dancing Society to rehearse their drama about understanding of love from different perspectives. With their efforts and creativity, we wish them every success in the Drama Festival.

20240129 Mountain Craft

For students’ physical and mental growth, mountain craft training is held by Discipline Committee. Not only can students gain practical knowledge about hiking, they can also develop teamwork and perseverance.

20240126 40th Anniversary Banquet

“In New Sha Tin by the valley, our school beloved by all; her name and fame we love to sing, her praises to recall...” Our school song can often be heard at the school hall, but this time the occasion is somehow different with the singing lingering in a banquet hall. This time our school song is not only sung by our present students and teachers, but also alumni, old colleagues, principal and church members who join the banquet for reunion in celebration of STMC’s 40th anniversary.

20240124 Morning Assembly English Speech Festival

Eager to present in English in public, some students joined the English Speech Festival and had outstanding performance. To show their effort, they are given a chance to present again in the morning assembly, inspiring more students to engage in active English learning on different platforms.

20240110 Sharing with Ma On Shan Methodist Primary School

Welcome Principal Hui and teachers from Ma On Shan Methodist Primary School to our school for a professional exchange. This exchange aims to provide a clearer understanding of students' learning progress at different stages for both primary and secondary school teachers. It will contribute to enhancing the teaching effectiveness in Chinese, English, and Mathematics subjects between the two schools. Teachers from Ma On Shan Methodist Primary School and our school engage in sincere discussions, creating an enjoyable and memorable time together.

20230104 Morning Assembly: Mrs Kwok’s Sharing

Thanks to Vice Principal Mrs Kwok’s religious sharing, students can learn how Christian value is practised in her daily life. We hope students are inspired to have spiritual growth, benefiting their well-being. Taking the same platform, students’ achievements in academics, STEM and sports are praised. Congratulations to these students who have outstanding performance in CityU Science Video Competition, International Biology Olympiad and sports events.

20240103 E-App Talk for F6 students

To prepare F6 students for further studies, an online application system Electronic Advance Application System for Post-secondary Programmes (E-APP) has been introduced. Students are encouraged to plan for the future with more practical information.

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