Highlights of the Month (September 2021)

Highlights of the Month (September 2021)

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20210928 Senior Form Assembly—In-depth Literature Reading

To arouse students’ interest in Chinese Literature, an assembly themed “In-depth Literature Reading” is held by the Chinese Panel. They will be guided and inspired to hone their skills in reading and appreciating Chinese literary works in their senior form learning stage.

20210927 Anniversary Thanksgiving Service cum Education Day

We’re grateful that our school is supported by the Methodist Church and a team of enthusiastic teachers. On this special occasion, teachers can get spiritual support from the Church and learn more from other Methodist schools. Taking this opportunity, we also express our sincere thanks to our colleagues who have served our school for decades!

20210924 Junior Form Assembly--Sharing by Brother Ming

Chan Cheuk Ming, known as Sham Shui Po Brother Ming, shares his experience of helping the underprivileged in society in this assembly. He encourages our students to take part in voluntary work and show care to the needy. His charitable character has indeed inspired us! Salute to Brother Ming!

20210923 Inauguration of English Ambassadors

Students’ passion for English learning can be clearly demonstrated in their sharing and vow. Led by the Chairperson Chan Yik Hei, the Vice Chairpersons Ho Long Hin, Wong Nok Yan Gabrielle and Yee Tin Chak, the English Ambassadors vow to build up the English learning environment at STMC together. We’re looking forward to joining the creative and fun English activities that they design and organize!

20210921 Vice Principal Mrs. Wong sharing with F5 students

Being senior form students isn’t easy, which is true especially for our F5 students, who underwent school suspension when they first stepped in the senior form learning stage last year. Realising the challenges they may face, our Vice Principal Mrs. Wong took this opportunity to encourage them to face difficulties with perseverance.

20210917 Inauguration of Big Brothers and Sisters

These F.2-5 students are eager to help the freshmen to adapt to secondary school life as big brothers and sisters. They were once freshmen not long ago, so of course they know the best how F.1 students feel and what they need!

20210917 Inauguration of Big Brothers and Sisters

F1 students may find the new school environment unfamiliar, but with the help of higher-form Big Brothers and Sisters, they can surely get adapted to and enjoy the new school life.

20210916 F5 Spiritual Drawing Workshop

We care about students and their health. Knowing that some students may face pressure from their studies or other personal matters, Spiritual Drawing Workshop is held to raise their awareness of mental health.

20210914 Inauguration of Prefects

We’re pleased to have a group of prefects who act as a bridge for students and the school to communicate. Led by Head Prefect Goa Wun, Vice Head Prefects Choi Man Wing and Lau Tsz Ching, the prefects vow to dedicate to guiding students and supporting the school.

20210914 Congratulations to Drama Club

Congratulations to Drama Club for achieving a great success in Hong Kong School Drama Festival earlier this year. They won quite a large number of awards including Award for Outstanding Performer, Award for Outstanding Co-operation, Award for Outstanding Audio-visual Effects, Award for Outstanding Director and Award for Outstanding Script. We’re so proud of them!

20210913 F3 Cambridge Occupational Analysts Briefing

In this briefing held by Careers Committee, F3 students are introduced to Cambridge Occupational Analysts (COA), which is a test to help students determine their interests and strengths so that they can make the best possible subject choices for their senior secondary studies.

20210909 Training of Monitors and Monitresses

The monitor and monitress of each class are vital for a class unity and discipline; and most importantly, they act as a bridge for students and teachers to communicate. To value and ensure their roles, a training is held with Principal Cheung, Discipline Master Mr. Yeung and other discipline teachers supporting and guiding them.

20210909 Inauguration of Student Union

We’re glad that we have a group of humble students who are willing to serve their schoolmates. Without them, our Student Union can’t be formed!

20210908 Senior Form Morning Assembly—Explore learning

We’re glad to have Vice Principal Mr. Tsang to share with us how learning can be analysed at scientific level, and also our alumnus Ms. Anki Wo to share with us how it can be viewed from a university student perspective.

20210907 School-based Gifted Programme Opening Ceremony

Students’ learning is not confined to regular lessons. Some students are also provided with a valuable chance to learn in the Gifted Programme.

20210907 Junior Form Weekly Assembly—School Development Plan

We thank Vice Principal Ms. Wong and another Ms. Wong from Academic Development Committee to share with us the importance of our School Development Plan. ‘To Create, Share and Explore; To Persevere, Be Grateful and Grow Together’ is not just a slogan, but a goal we all aim at with practical programmes.

20210906 Pictures of All Classes

Though a class is only a small unit, we treasure our togetherness. The friendship that they’re going to build this year will be unforgettable for their whole life.

20210904 Alumni Annual General Meeting

We’re grateful to have a group of enthusiastic alumni, who continue to show STMC care and support even after their graduation. At the AGM, the Alumni Committee is formed. They’re committed to communicating with other alumni and serving the school.

20210903 Religious Sharing by Principal Cheung

We’re pleased to sing together in real time. It was taken granted before the pandemic, but now we realise how lucky we’re to be able to sing aloud and appreciate the beautiful and inspirational hymn lyrics together.

20210901 The Heart Made by Teachers

Our teaching team is a big family. We treasure this great chance to take pictures together. Together, we form a heart sharp, showing our love among ourselves, our love for education, and our love for students.

20210901 Beginning of School Year Service

At the beginning of a school year, we teachers and students not only wish to have a fruitful year, but also pray for a happy and healthy year ahead!

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