Highlights of the Month (April 2023)

Highlights of the Month (April 2023)

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20230429 Sha Tin District Inter-Primary School Mathematics Invitational Contest

Thanks to the strong support of all the participating primary schools, the 28th Sha Tin District Inter-Primary School Mathematics Invitational Contest was held successfully on 29th April. It was our pleasure to have Professor LAW Huk Yuen as the guest of honour, making the contest more splendid. All the elite students from the primary schools made outstanding performance, fully demonstrating their mathematical talents and team spirit.

20230428 Morning Assembly: Salute to Non-teaching Staff

Besides teachers, our non-teaching staff’s efforts and contributions are highly appreciated. In the morning assembly, our students express gratitude to the non-teaching staff.

20230425 Morning Assembly: Boys’ Brigade’s sharing

There are several uniform teams at our school and church for students. We’re pleased to have two Boys’ Brigade’s members to share with us their experiences and lessons learnt in their team. They share that they are trained to be disciplined, tough, and cooperative. The schoolmates find their sharing inspirational.

20230420 Prize Presentation in Assembly

Besides intellectual fulfillment in the academic aspect, students’ sports achievements are appreciated. Let’s clap for their hard work and success!

20230418 Weekly Assembly: Forensic Anthropologist Winsome Lee’s Sharing

Our weekly assembly covers various topics, aiming to broaden students’ horizons. In this assembly, we are honoured to have Winsome Lee, a forensic anthropologist(法醫人類學家), to share with us her career in her expertise, gathering information from the bones of the dead and other evidence to determine who died, how they died and how long they died, etc. One message she delivers is the importance of respecting the dead and their family as humans are precious.

20230417 Vice Principal Mr Tsang’s sharing

Our Vice Principal Mr Tsang shares with us how important Christianity is in his life and sings hymns with us praising God’s glory. Students are encouraged to find the life meaning and seek personal growth.

20230417-21 STEM Week

Facing the growing importance of global technology and innovation sector, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is a discipline that students should master. To promote this combined discipline, STEM Week is held at our school. There are various hands-on activities and workshops including a robot competition, a project exhibition, some experiments, etc. One of the highlights is “Saving the Falling Egg Contest”, in which students try to slow down the speed of eggs falling down from heights. Another highlight is “Telescopes for the Moon” Workshop, in which students can make their own telescopes using simple materials and tools. We hope that the STEM week can arouse students’ interest in STEM and even ignite their passion for it.

20230414 Visit to Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

Visiting CUHK, students have a chance not only to learn more about different programmes, but also to find out more about the extra-curricular activities and the Language Centre there. With more exposure, we hope students can choose a university and a field that suit them most.

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