Highlights of the Month (November 2023)

Highlights of the Month (November 2023)

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20231125 F6 Parents' Day

Our school is a companion to both parents and students. For F6 parents and students to gain a better understanding of the possible further education, some related organizations including an overseas education centre, Hau Yau Club and some tertiary institutions are at STMC. We hope the practical information and professional advice can enable F6 students to make a wise choice for future.

20231125 BB & GB Dedication Ceremony

As a joint event of the Boys’ Brigade of the Sha Tin Methodist Church (BB) and the Girls’ Brigade of our school (GB), the Dedication Ceremony serves as a platform for both BB and GB members to show devotion to the teams and the beliefs behind. Despite the different award systems of BB and GB, we both take Christian belief as the foundation to nurture the characters and leadership of our members and this ceremony is to remind them of their unique identities and show recognition to their growth.

0231124 F1 Lunchtime Game Stalls by Guidance Committee

Our F1 students have been accompanied by the higher-form students taking the role of their elder brothers and sisters. Taking this opportunity, these enthusiastic elder brothers and sisters have set up some game stalls for F1 students to let them learn how to face pressure appropriately.

2023112324 F6 Adulthood Ceremony

In the Adulthood Ceremony, F6 students are blessed by various parties. The foot-washing ritual, in which the pastors, Principal and teachers wash F6 students’ feet, symbolizes the spirit of servant leadership. F6 students are inspired to be humble servant leaders themselves, serving the school, community and society.

20231120 F6 Talk on Fulfilling Life

F6 students are going to leave STMC soon. In their future path, they will face different opportunities and challenges. In the talk, they are reminded to continue to do good deeds in their future careers, serving others and leading a fulfilling life.

20231118 Forum on Artificial Intelligence and Education: Trends and Challenges

Facing the ever-evolving artificial intelligence, the education sector has been making revolutionary changes. In the forum, our principal and other principals from Shenzhen Hong Kong discuss the opportunities and challenges brought by AI. Our teachers in charge of IT are also invited to join related events including visits to Shenzhen Smart Airport Exhibition Hall, and AI Carnival and Competition with Principal Cheung. Through the visits, they are inspired to contemplate how to put the use of AI into practice and how to promote effective use of AI at school.

20231111 Joint-School Mock JUPAS Interview Day

Eager to strive for the best performance in JUPAS interviews for university admissions, a group of F6 students join the Joint-School Mock JUPAS Interview Day. They find the talk and workshop practical to prepare them for JUPAS interviews.

20231108-10 Gospel Week

As a Christian school, STMC is devoted to spreading gospel to students and nurturing their spiritual growth. One highlight of the Gospel Week is the lunchtime concert, in which the churchmates play music, sing hymns and share messages to students.

20231104 UNESCO Hong Kong Association Member School Network

To enrich students’ learning experiences and raise their awareness of global issues, the Academic Committee has joined the UNESCO Member School Network and has enrolled all F.4 and F.5 Academic Prefects in the ESD Learning Programme 2023/24. To start off, we attend the Opening Ceremony, where Professor Karen Q. Cheung, Director of Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development and President of UNESCO Hong Kong Association, presents the Member School Certificate to us.

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